10 reasons to join us!

At Timsoft, we are in the action and the concrete realization.

We support our clients from the detection of the need to the success of the project, you will be the main actor in the implementation of the projects. Driven by the desire to move forward, to align with international standards and to be part of the global digitalization process, Timsoft group gives you a valuable opportunity to design an ambitious and evolving professional project!

At Timsoft, it is talent that takes precedence… BUT NOT THAT people are our strong point Be our future talents, join a promising and solid adventure!

1. Dynamic, evolving and promising environment

Timsoft is a fast-growing group, its missions adapt to technological developments, new customer needs and global market standards.

2. Agility, flexibility and adaptability are our watchwords

We work with a notable proximity with our customers which leads us to be flexible with their expectations to best succeed in their projects.

3. Benevolence, empathy and closeness with our teams

People are our strong point, we work while being aware of the development, well-being and serenity of our employees.

We work on the sustainability of the relationship with our employees, which is why we help them create a balance between their professional and personal lives.

The human dimension is a fundamental pillar in our human development strategy.

4. Synergy and collaborative work at the service of all

It is unique and manifests itself in the projects delivered to our clients. Support and sharing are an integral part of the relationship between the teams.  

The diversity of professions creates our wealth

5. The environment at Timsoft is very diverse

Within the group, we have employees whose disciplines and training are distinct. An opportunity to exchange and transfer knowledge permanently. A wealth that is built day by day.

6. “Local” is our trademark, international is our vision

We are a group that believes in local skills, these are evolving thanks to certifications and continuous training. Nevertheless, our ambition is on a larger scale, that of the international, we work with partners and clients of renowned international.

7. We drive our clients to success

With quality support, we always seek the prosperity of our clients and their success.

We mobilize all our strongest and most advanced skills in order to realize projects with high added value.

8. Upskilling & levelling up of our talents

It is our human capital, we make sure to do it, to develop the skills of our customers and to adopt a policy of permanent learning.

Our young talents who join us are faced with a great opportunity to start a promising active life. Aware that the professions of today and tomorrow are reinvented every day, we provide you with a multitude of means to consolidate your skills

9. Well-established business expertise

At Timsoft, we work with leading customers who strive for excellence. These structures come from different sectors and industries, something that drives us to develop specific expertise. In addition to their in-depth skills in IT, development and computerized solutions, our employees can intervene in very specific areas such as retail, payroll, textiles, etc., a foundation of trust for our customers.

10. Our industry is a buoyant market

The field of new technologies and digital transformation is a promising sector with great potential.

In the era of the digital revolution, innovative structures are always in search of innovation. They have started large-scale digital projects, have carried out major digital transformations or are even in the process of reaching digital maturity.

This is a beautiful prospect that is generating more and more enthusiasm around it.