2022, Dubaï expo’s impact on retailers

March 30, 2022
17 minute(s)

Expo 2020 is a world exposition that was scheduled in 2020 and that took place in Dubai. It is the first international expo to be held in the middle east, Africa and the south asia region (MEASA). The purpose of the expo is to bring together individuals from all other the world to participate in the organized events, share ideas, learn and invent. 

Being part of such a huge event allows participants to network on an international level and gives the opportunity for businesses and individuals to make valuable connections. It also allows countries to be together; to accelerate and promote ideas that enhance people’s lives while preserving the environment. 

The Dubai expo was scheduled to start in October 2020 but due to Covid 19 it was postponed until the situation becomes better for all potential participants. The event will now take place from October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022. 

An event of this scale is of course an opportunity for the growth of the whole country. And as expected, the Dubai expo had a major impact on various aspects.  

Ever since its launch in October, the exposition has been attracting multiple visitors, nationals and internationals. 

Holding an event of this magnitude, has a lot of benefits to the country such as boosting its economy, showcasing its tourism and accelerating its social development. Many companies in Dubai took advantage of this international exhibition.  

The rise of the retail industry

Dubai is known as one of the destinations for shopping thanks to its various massive malls with infinite brands’ presence. Retail has always been a sector that highly contributes to the emirate’s GDP. It is one of the main attractions of the country throughout its continuous reinvention and luxurious customer experience. 

Thanks to the 2022 expo the retail field has seen a major uplift in its sales.  

Visitors and tourists are arriving from all over the world, and they are seizing the opportunity to tour the place and enjoy the shopping paradise in a special experience.  

It is obvious that those participants will go for the whole experience and spend their spare time in malls and shops. Retailers in Dubai have seen an uplift ever since the start of the expo in October and it is expected to grow even more with the continuity of the event.  

This rise in retail is beneficial on multiple aspects. It will not only help businesses make more profit, but it will also push the creation of new job opportunities in this sector due to the high demand. 

This impact will also be the perfect attraction for investors who are searching for new opportunities. With the expo, Dubai’s retail will be the perfect field to invest in thanks to its continuous growth and the impact it has on the whole country. So, alongside the profit that will also grow for retailers the Dubai expo will also make the country attractive for future business opportunities and will ensure its state as a hub for retail in the whole world. 

This event offers a major boost to the country’s economy and opens up a huge gate for its future evolution facing the world. 

It is also important to mention that their retail profits also include the profit that will come from the food and beverages sector. Visitors to the expo will be spending their day there so it was assumed that they will need to consume something while they are there. it is projected to serve up to 85000 meals per hour on the site of the expo. 

Expo Dubai’s added value 

The organization of the event was a very smart move, and it surely came at the perfect time. Covid 19 was a huge blow on various levels so having this boost just post-pandemic was the best strategy to enhance growth and provide great experiences for people who have been mostly in Lockdown for the last year and a half. 

This boost in retail is also a placement of a footprint for Dubai on the international map; it is a recognition of the important place it plays. 

The boost given by the Dubai expo has also pushed the sector to keep on revolutionizing in order to keep the sales high and to retain profitability. The event is almost over and every stakeholder in the country has made sure to take the most out of the expo. This is an opportunity for businesses whether in the retail sector or other to grow. 

The expo offers the arrival of a whole new type of audience. Participants of the expo are not your typical tourist profile. They are a mixture of multiple cultures and countries, and they came there to network and communicate. That means they are quite open to opportunities and deals. That is why finding the perfect formula to present your service or product is crucial in this time to enhance your financial growth. 

There is no denial that holding the Expo 2020 was a major investment for the UAE. This huge event will keep on boosting the development of the country in the long future.  

It is not a short-term impact that will disappear with the end of the event; on the contrary it was the best move to showcase Dubai as the shopping paradise.  

The expo highlighted the country as the place to be and a dream destination for all individuals. It put Dubai on the international map and gave it major appeal either for tourism or for shopping.  

It was the best move because it also pointed to Dubai’s interest in the boost of comprehensive sustainable development and in the creation of favorable environments all while respecting nature. 

Dubai keeps on marking its impact in the world and revolutionizing its offer throughout various initiatives. The expo and the shopping festival confirmed to the whole world that Dubai is the hub for retail and that nothing will stop its growth!  
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