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Complete support, available resources and strategic thinking to aim for an excellent customer relationship and a unique and memorable experience.

The One-Stop-Shop in all its fullness

At this time and more than ever, the notion of the customer is king is still relevant. Moreover, this customer is becoming more and more demanding and expects to live unique experiences with the brands he visits.

As a Retailer, you have to know how to manage the relationship with customers, assist in their decision-making process and provide them with a unique experience.
In our time where digitization rhymes with business, the combination of technological innovation and customer service should be impeccable.

In a line of excellence, brands must surprise, renew themselves and above all mark the minds of their customers.

How ? Pay attention to all the details, and give your customers memorable experiences!

Your one stop digital transformation shop has brought together all the key success factors for you.
A well-crafted support structure, meticulously worked out and does not let any failure appear.

Expertise and skills are there to continue the innovative momentum and continue the digitalization process even after the implementation of the solution, but this time with more precision and “tailor-made” support.

After anchoring the “build” phase with a thorough understanding of its needs, we move on to the “Run” phase to maintain the level and anticipate escalations.

We allocate our most specialized resources for long-term missions and with an expanded and exhaustive scope of services that aligns with specific needs and not necessarily discussed during the needs analysis (Run phase)!

The Run, a long distance race
not a sprint

  • Understand the direct impact of technological innovation on business
  • Understand the complexity of specific businesses and industries and be aware of the tools and skills needed to provide the necessary solutions on time
  • Be up to date with new technologies in order to easily integrate the appropriate resolutions to the problem detected.
  • Combining innovation, technicality and understanding of the business
  • Supervise the vagaries of technology and make the necessary corrections on time

Timsoft group: your ideal choice for the implementation of 3C Inhouse experts

Timsoft Expertise With a recognized experience, Timsoft Group offers its customers beyond innovative digital solutions and products, additional services that align perfectly with their specific needs.

The choice is yours to adopt the maintenance contract that suits you. The form of the services differs from one client to another, but the challenge begins after the solutions have been implemented.

Benefit from intra-group mobility


Complete and exhaustive support for requests from shops or other Have an open scope of intervention

Disposer d’un périmètre d’intervention ouvert

A developed and in-depth mastery of Cegid

Team expertise

Proven expertise for your ambitious projects

With in-depth knowledge of the retail sector and its various subsidiaries and complex and sophisticated business know-how, our experts quickly provide responses to functional needs and even anticipate escalations and possible upgrades.
The objective is to always deliver a quality service.

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