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Service beyond sales

Admittedly, many companies have understood the importance of the shift to increasing digitalization, an inevitable and promising path, however in order to cross the course without doubts and succeed in your journey, you must be well informed about several elements.

The technological advance which is ahead of all expectations, the tough competition faced by companies and the emergence of new markets, make the task complex and the visibility less and less clear.

In order to catch up with the bandwagon, we provide you with our technological and methodological knowledge to guide you and lead your strategies to success!

The evolving vision of Run

  • Understand the importance of technological tools/solutions and their impact on the business
  • Knowing how to choose and surround yourself with qualified experts has significant business repercussions
  • Encounter specific business problems that are not alike and require very specific interventions
  • Entrust highly complex projects to high-calibre digital advisors

A service that revolves around preventive, corrective and adaptive maintenance and more.

This is support dedicated exclusively to your specific needs.
We opt for a Run approach that quickly responds to the functional needs of the company.
The goal is to help you adopt a thinking of continuous improvement and evolution to keep up with rapid technological progress and to align with the challenges that are increasing day by day.

Our focus is to allow our customers to draw on a center of expertise capable of supporting them in solving problems, accompanying them in the implementation of developments, advising them on the choices that will be made for the future of the company. The real challenge begins after the solutions are in place.

Timsoft group: your ideal choice for the implementation of 3C Store

With a recognized experience, Timsoft Group offers its customers beyond innovative digital solutions and products, additional services that align perfectly with their specific needs.

The choice is yours to adopt the maintenance contract that suits you. The form of the services differs from one client to another, but the challenge begins after the implementation of the solutions.

Benefit from the involvement, proactivity and expertise to maintain and develop the solutions

Benefit from personalized support adapted to the specific needs desired

Have great flexibility / flexibility in terms of the intervention of expert consultants (adaptable schedules)

Supervision, monitoring and correction in a regular and evolving way

Team expertise

Proven expertise for your ambitious projects

Thanks to an agile approach, the teams are involved, proactive and reactive in the face of business developments and technological innovations. Our experts quickly provide answers to the functional needs of the company.The objective is to always deliver a quality service.

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