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Provide your customers with the best in-store experiences and be on the lookout for unpredictability

Customer satisfaction and proximity

Always in search of customer satisfaction, we are constantly improving our way of doing things.

Our approach is to be close to customers to manage the hazards they encounter on a daily basis, but not only.

Our ambition is to always bring value to our customers, to help them make the most of their acquisition.

We take care of all the services that can make the use of the solution easier, understandable and that helps our customers to optimize their time and manage incidents.

The best version of your business

  • Understand the direct impact of technological innovation on business
  • Demonstrate availability, proactivity and responsiveness to be able to resolve incidents
  • Understand the complexity of specific businesses and industries and be aware of the tools and skills needed to provide the necessary solutions on time
  • Be up to date with new technologies in order to easily integrate the appropriate resolutions to the problem detected.
  • Focus on a collaborative approach that facilitates the flow of information and therefore the resolution of problems

It is a service dedicated to retailers, those who own chain stores either locally or internationally.

The role of the solution integrator is not limited to the implementation but the scope of the intervention goes beyond that.

The scope covers advice and assistance as well as a ticketing system managed by a highly competent, available and responsive help desk team.

All requests whether basic (cash incident in store, blockage in the information system in store, etc.) or complex (saturation of the e-com site, a bug in the customer journey, etc…. ) are taken care of within a reasonable time frame.

Timsoft group: your ideal choice for the implementation of 3C Inhouse expert

With a recognized experience, Timsoft Group offers its customers beyond innovative digital solutions and products, additional services that align perfectly with their specific needs.

The choice is yours to adopt the maintenance contract that suits you. The form of the services differs from one client to another, but the challenge begins after the solutions have been implemented.

Benefit from direct support for shops

Complete and exhaustive support for requests from shops or other

Have great flexibility / flexibility in terms of the intervention of expert consultants (adaptable schedules)

Supervision, monitoring and correction in a regular and evolving way

Team expertise

Proven expertise for your ambitious projects

Thanks to an agile approach, the teams are involved, proactive and reactive in the face of business developments and technological innovations. Our experts quickly provide answers to the functional needs of the company. The objective is to always deliver a quality service.

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