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Assistance & Dedicated Hotline


The dedicated hotline: essential support for your projects

At Timsoft we are aware of the importance of your technological interfaces and the digital solutions that you use in your business. The slightest disturbance can be annoying and can weigh heavily on your business. That’s why we’re always here, listening to your requests.

Our team of specialists spares no effort to take care of your requests in record time. Our goal is to allow you to enjoy your platform worry-free and respond in time to any operational difficulty.

A professional team attentive to your needs

Timsoft has assembled a professional team of technicians specializing in maintenance to meet all your most urgent needs.
Our entire team is trained and qualified to intervene on time without the slightest delay. We offer you comprehensive training that allows you to deepen your knowledge and react yourself in the event of a problem.
Our technical support team by telephone is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so that we are always ready to intervene and respond to your requests. Attentive to your needs, our technicians spare no effort to offer you the solution you need and to define these needs with you.

OUR Process

Our technical assistance in 5 steps


Analysis and Framing
Qualification of the need and Arbitration on the perimeter by business experts
Automatic, secure and real-time data exchange including control alerts
Installation & Configuration
A transfer of competence on the product
International assistance platform dedicated by business 7/7 available 12 / day

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Our scope
  • Ensure immediate availability and responsiveness in the event of a blockage or emergency
  • Intervene immediately with users to assist them in the face of an operational difficulty
  • Preliminary analysis of the issues to ensure correct and rapid allocation of tickets for other support groups according to their scope and expertise
  • Apply an educational approach to resolution: our goal is not only to solve problems or affect them but also to help the whole ecosystem to gain competence
  • Provide documentation to ensure a progressive process improvement approach, in order to reduce the need for support and increase user autonomy
Our challenges
  • Guarantee the cooperation of users - their role is key when describing the challenge experienced and sharing as much information as possible to resolve the issues
  • Ensure good communication on the overall structure of the support function, so that users understand the roles of each team
  • Assimilate all business processes, via discussion with the different teams for reading technical and functional documentation
  • Be a driving force for the overall responsiveness of the support system

Responsiveness and active listening are the key words that drive our competent experts, get to know them

We put customer satisfaction at the heart of our concerns. Reasons why we have made every effort to offer you the best products not only in terms of performance and quality but also in terms of customer support

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