Build your own solution or implement a third party solution?

Should you buy third-party software or co-develop a supply chain planning solution?


The future of retail is now.
With a highly demanding customer, we are talking about immediacy, phygital, omnichannel and frictionless customer relations.
How to seduce this new consumer who is no longer within reach.

The total experience is the trend that will be adopted by 2024 according to Gartner.
Providing a total experience to customers, employees and all stakeholders is a key strategic technology trend.

Quick commerce, the new concept in the retail industry, has brought many advances thanks to the progress of technology.
The improvement of logistics solutions and the optimisation of delivery times are proof of this.

The digitisation of human resources management has become indispensable in order to counter the colossal volume of documentation such as payroll files.
Let’s take a look at the challenges of digitalization.

Today’s customer has become demanding, knowledgeable and sensitive to technological change.
In order to address them effectively, it is necessary to define their digital and physical touch points to create a hybrid omnichannel experience.

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