Build your own solution or implement a third party solution?

Should you buy third-party software or co-develop a supply chain planning solution?


It is important to know your target audience and to understand their buying habits. This is where the DATA comes into play, which must be collected, exploited and valued in order to make the most of it.

Low-Code/No-Code is growing rapidly, and companies are now looking to use it to complete projects faster and with less effort. According to Gartner, the Low-Code market is expected to be worth an estimated $5.8 billion worldwide.

Power BI is designed by Microsoft as “a business analytics service that provides insights for making quick, informed decisions. It is a Microsoft business intelligence tool used to build and aggregate charts and dashboards.

Running a retail business requires several tools starting with Point of sale (POS) system, Order Management System (OMS), Warehouse Management System (WMS), accounting software, ERP, CRM…etc and the list goes on.

Expo 2020 is a world exposition that was scheduled in 2020 and that took place in Dubai. It is the first international expo to be held in the middle east, Africa and the south asia region (MEASA).

In order to meet market expectations, luxury brands have followed a consistent pattern to create a coordination between different customer touch points. They have thus switched from multi-channel to unified commerce.

If you are going to undertake digital transformation projects, keep in mind that there are multiple difficulties that you need to be aware of : No change management strategy, Talent shortage, Agile transformation and more.

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