Build your own solution or implement a third party solution?

Should you buy third-party software or co-develop a supply chain planning solution?


What’s the difference between digital maturity and digital transformation? What are the reasons to embrace digital maturity? And how to become digitally mature? In this article, we answer all these questions and more.

For 2022, customisation of the customer experience will take on a new dimension. The aim is to better understand the role of the stakeholders in order to implement a strategy that fits into your context and serve your objectives.

The post-Covid has prompted that some brands have been forced to abandon their physical stores in favor of online shopping. The retail landscape has changed again to favor phygital, or the combination of digital and physical.

An integrated ERP is one of the most impactful software in commercial and industrial processes. It represents the heart of the activity of a fashion and clothing business. Discover in this article 6 benefits of using a Fashion ERP.

As any enterprise in a growth and development phase and aware of the importance of the innovation and diversification of its services, Timsoft has had its share of events in 2021. One of the major events of the past year, we concluded a partnership with Salesforce, a company that no longer needs to be introduced on the market.

Dubai, Tunis, November 2021 – Timsoft Group is proud to announce its recent collaboration with the prestigious retail player in the Middle East region, AlMalki Group. As a technology partner, Timsoft has supported AlMalki Group in several IT projects around their Retail Solutions, with services ranging from system integration to support and maintenance.

Third-party Application Maintenance offers extended services that are not limited to traditional support. It is an intervention carried out by a team of consultants aimed at preventing or solving fonctional and technical issues.

The trends every business owner should take into consideration for 2021: Omnichannel, Click & Collect,
Quick & Go, Circular economy, Employer Ambassador, Develop your community. Discover more about them in this article.

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