Customer X Management, the customer-centric approach

May 31, 2022
19 minute(s)

Understanding customers and their expectations is the key to bringing them back to the core of business decisions. Companies are doing this to differentiate themselves from the competitors and offer customers a unique, personalised or even hyper-personalised experience.

Emphasizing the customer experience generates immediate benefits for companies such as business growth (turnover and sales) and strengthens brand commitment over time. Data is obviously a company’s ally in this process. Any company that wants to be “Customer Centric” must know everything about its customers (behavioural data, purchase history, search history, favourite products, etc.). The customer, who is very demanding nowadays, is difficult to convince when you only know his first and last name.   

What is Customer Experience Management (CXM) and what is its importance for companies today?  

CXM’s importance and impact on a company

With the soaring need for personalisation, proximity and adaptation, companies are increasingly looking to optimise customer relations. This is the result of a well thought-out CX Management strategy.

The impact? Profitability and sustainable customer engagement with the brand, visible over both short and long term. In the short term, a direct impact on turnover (business) and over the long term a reinforcement of loyalty and sympathy capital towards the brand (notoriety) and even a “sentimental relationship”. This is what we call developing “brand love”. Thus, sales and business growth follow, because when you love you don’t count 😉.

What is Customer X Management ?

CXM is a broader concept than customer relations, it goes beyond the commercial data of customers but rather touches on the personalisation of the customer experience and is based on a customer centricity strategy. It collects a wealth of valuable information about the customer from every point of contact with the customer, thus providing a 360-degree view. The CXM has a privileged relationship with the customer and offers a unique customer journey which sets it apart from the competition. Today’s companies put the customer at the centre of their strategic decisions.

How to establish a CXM strategy 

It is an approach that takes place in 5 key stages and it’s the consumer insight that decides everything. This “social web data” that the brand makes intelligible and exploits for greater proximity with the customer. Analyse customer behaviour: understand it in order to create the right audiences and carry out the right targeting.

Define a unique customer journey: identify the different contact points/channels and the synergies between them and opt for omincanality. Work on the “brand lover”: maintain an affective, durable and committed relationship.

Encourage interactions / Brand advocacy: positive feedback from satisfied customers to make them not only predisposed to purchase again, but also position themselves as ambassadors and recommend them to new customers. This will carry a lot of weight in the purchasing decisions of the most hesitant

Building customer loyalty: The best way to increase sales results is to develop a good image

What are the tools that lead to customer relationship customisation ? 

A range of tools are available to marketers to optimise the customer experience and make them more valuable by delivering the right content to encourage them to be converted, or by highlighting potential problems and then optimising them.

Adobe Experience platform: a customer profiling tool using artificial intelligence, it collects customer data, refining it and delivering tailored content.

Aqua lift : this is a Drupal extension that tracks customer behaviour on websites throughout their journey/navigation and it works for both anonymous visitors and regular visitors.

Ibexa : This is a content management system and presents itself as a platform for managing the digital experience according to user preferences. The tool also issues personalised content recommendations.

Content square: Converts all user interactions and micro-gestures from the web into valuable data. This data is used to analyse the customer journey and identify technical issues that may affect conversion.

Sitecore Experience : A content personalisation tool that enables omnichannel content management and delivery. The tool is able to quantify user engagement

Salesforce Platform: with solutions like Marketing Cloud or Service Cloud. A company can go for salesforce services by simply contacting our salesforce experts as we are an integrator of salesforce’s solutions.

In addition to content customisation solutions, marketers also have searchandising solutions such as internal search engines like Algolia, Elastic search and solr.

These solutions display relevant results that respond to the queries formulated and launched by the visitor according to his profile, his search and consumption habits, etc.

A searchandising solution offers a great opportunity to provide a personalized experience to visitors. These are techniques that aim to offer the right product to the visitor according to their searches and needs. A way of assisting the visitor and accompanying him towards conversion.

Benefits from CXM strategy

Building a strategy based on the customer and their journey kills two birds with one stone. Not only does the collection of data represent a rich capital for the company, it also strengthens the bond with the customer and works to build loyalty:

  • Generate revenue and improve customer lifetime value
  • Increasing buyer loyalty and likelihood of recommendation
  • Strengthen the link with the target audience and anticipate behavioural changes
  • Reduce costs and optimise investments

Knowing your customer by heart is the open-eyed dream of all marketers. It is the key to providing consumers with the right content, the right offer and the right touch point.

The Customer X Management approach combines both the commercial objective and the objective of creating links with the brand by giving the customer a personalised and satisfying experience.

Customised marketing gives the opportunity to get to know the customer better and anticipate their preferences, which in turn facilitates their acquisition.

The key to controlling the costs of acquiring new customers is to keep the customers already in your valuable portfolio happy.

For a better understanding of your customers’ needs, contact our expert teams for strategic and customised support.