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Data Management

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Timsoft your ally for optimized management of your data

Based on a very long experience in the automation of Business Intelligence and Data Management processes, Timsoft Group shares its skills and knowledge with all those who wish to optimize the management of their data. We offer you a tailor-made digital solution perfectly suited to the size of your business. We provide you with the expertise of our specialist team in data management and processing. Our goal is to assist and support you in structuring, sharing and enhancing your databases.

Data Management : the cornerstone for the exploitation of your data

Increase productivity and efficiency
    Data Management refers to the set of operations and technologies allowing to access and manage data in one place and to have access to it from any place. This is why it is a key to generating long-term strategic advantages as it facilitates decision support in the shortest possible time.
Harness the value of data
    The Data Management process helps to maximize the efficiency of data exploitation, such as storage, development, recovery, archiving and processing. It represents the basis on which good Business Intelligence is based, namely the analysis, presentation and interpretation of strategic data essential to making the right decisions and the most effective actions

Accelerate your Digital Transformation and simplify your management

In the digital age, businesses are more connected than ever before and they are generating more and more data. The value of information has increased, as has the amount of data collected and available. Companies must therefore consider data management as a crucial step in their value chain and digital transformation process to adapt to market demands and survive the competition.

Our global BI solution | Management: Make your data a strategic capital

Data connectivity
  • Data connection with other ERP (Dynamics, Cegid, etc.)
  • Connection with other BIs (SSIS, Qlik Sense, Talend.)
  • Connection with other data formats (Json, XML, Text ...)
Data transformation
  • Transform data migrating from various sources to a single destination (vice versa)
  • OLAP Cube functions to assess key performance indicators
Power BI dashboard
  • Dashboard for your indicators
  • Scheduled web version update
  • Line level security for each Manager

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