Data management

Give your data a voice, automate it & make the most of it, Timsoft provides you with the necessary expertise for optimal data management

Leverage the value of your data

In the era of fast-paced digitalisation, companies can no longer move forward in a vacuum or make estimates. The company has to be ahead of the game on a number of fronts, such as identifying trends and detecting problems that need to be solved.

How can you perfectly guide your strategies and inform your decisions?

The DATA management is the nerve of the war of now and tomorrow!

Good governance of your data requires a specialised and highly competent team. It is a complex and thorough process that we put at your disposal in order to enhance the value of this valuable asset.

The objective is to facilitate the management and processing of data while ensuring its integrity, security and quality.

The future belongs to smart operations

  • Consolidating a huge volume of data and its different categories
  • Providing solutions that are adapted and perfectly suited to your company size and activity
  • Valuing and exploiting the data

Handling data is in the DNA of the Timsoft group

An overview about our service

We provide comprehensive data processing solutions to ensure that your business intelligence chain is complete and seamless.

From data gathering, storage, distribution to data mining, our experienced professionals ensure that the process runs smoothly to help you make decisions and exploit the full potential of business intelligence.

The future belongs to smart operations

Accelerate your Digital Transformation and streamline your management

We translate your ambitions into reality!

With proven experience, Timsoft Group provides customers with digital enablement and the skills needed to analyse, model and visualise data from a wide range of different sources.

Team expertise

Timsoft relies on proven experience

These sophisticated tasks are carried out by our experienced experts. Timsoft relies on its proven experience in automating business intelligence and data management processes and on its certified talent.

Our Business intelligence & Data management solution makes your data a strategic asset  

Data connectivity :

  • Connecting data with other ERPs
  • Connecting with other BI
  • Connecting with other formats
    Data transformation :

    • Transform data by migrating from various sources to a single destination
    • OLAP Cube functions to evaluate key performance indicators
    Data visualization :

    • Dashboard for your indicators
    • Scheduled update web version
    • Security at row level for each manager

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