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Deployment & Consulting

End-to-end support for the deployment of our solutions


A team of seasoned consultants at the service of your project

The purpose of the customer support process is to advise them, analyze their needs, develop a global project, produce solutions and technological products, and support them in the implementation of this project and in its dissemination within their structure.

We provide consulting and deployment services to companies that want to implement and use new digitalization technologies to increase their turnover while improving their services. These projects are all different and require the flexibility to change plans and processes as needed.

Deployment and consulting | why collaborate with our consultants?

Improve your performance thanks to the advice of our experts!

The implementation of management software is essential for the success of a business. Indeed, it is essential to have an automated and efficient management system in order to be able to follow the evolution of the company.

However, companies need advice before embarking on a development and digitalization project for their activity. This crucial phase requires the intervention of a consultant to help management make the right decisions. As he specializes in his field, he can bring an outside perspective that is often useful to business leaders.

Our Timsoft guarantees


Our consultants specializing in the deployment of software solutions are at your service to advise you, support you and help you achieve the goals you have set for yourself. We guarantee the realization of a deployment in 8 stages:


identification of needs and development of specifications

Analysis and framing

qualification of the need and arbitration on the perimeter by business experts

Installation and configuration

installation and configuration of the information system


automatic, secure and real-time data exchange including control alerts


a transfer of skills on the product


customization and development via Cegid Studio, .Net, Php…


dynamic and relevant analyzes using the Cegid report generator / BI tool or Microsoft Power BI


dedicated international assistance platform by business 7/7 available 12 / day

Agile deployment


Experts at your disposal for “Rapid Deployment” projects
+10 years of experience in retail
Steering committees
Contractual commitments planning, scope, formalism
Guarantors of adoption of "best practices"
Weekly monitoring of teams
Business consulting and framing
A multidisciplinary team for the success of your projects
2 to 5 years of experience
Analyse of needs
Animation of training workshops
Deployment of solutions
Inclusion of the future vision of the system to transform your business
2 to 10 years of experience
Realization of Reports Generator
Cegid Studio development
Development of digital solutions around the Retail Y2 offer
Development of new App.
Focus on Customer Care to guarantee you the best customer experience
1 to 7 years of experience
Problem resolution
Implementation and configurations

Transform your business with our Cegid solutions!

Because deployment is an important phase in the implementation of a digital transformation project, and there is a lot to do and coordinate for the success of the mission, we provide you with an expert team in matter.

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