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To make your digital transformation efforts a reality, we support you with technology… step by step towards innovation

Focus on relentless execution

The digitalization race has been on for a while and will not stop, your activity must follow, align or even anticipate and act proactively.

At Timsoft, we guarantee you a dynamic and effective support thanks to a strategic and well-thought-out roadmap.

Using our consulting services that would allow you to make informed decisions whatever your activity using our latest generation technologies that guarantee not only the development of the strategy but also its implementation.

Optimal reinvention of the offer

  • Aspiring a sustained growth
  • Align with the needs of your future customer who already exist
  • Adapt with evolving and sophisticated technology platforms
  • Strengthen your technology accreditation
  • Maximize the value and profitability of your investments

An overview about our service

This is an end-to-end support for the distribution of our solutions.

Our consultants are knowledgeable about the various issues and requirements of today’s competitive markets, they will help you develop and implement solutions through personalized recommendations.

Specialized in very specific areas, they will certainly provide you with a useful external vision.

Make work more intuitive and create new value

We adopt an agile deployment and “best practices” in project management

Your ambitions, we translate them!

We put all our expertise to help you evolve, explore new innovative avenues and emerge with new solutions.

Our approach is new, it is empathetic and close to the new needs of “hyper-connected customers”.
Do you need advice before embarking on a crucial phase?
Do you want to develop your digitalization projects and do you lack strategic support?

The intervention of our specialized consultants is necessary to implement your strategy and guide your objectives and thus make the right decisions.

Timsoft, the guarantor of your digital success

In order to create digital assets that meet your expectations and therefore those of your customers, we offer you global support, a deployment in 8 complementary and effective steps:

  • Pre-sales: identification of needs, conception of ideas and development of specifications
  • Analysis and framing: Understanding and qualification of needs, definition of the scope of the intervention by business experts
  • Installation and configuration: Operationalization and configuration of solutions
  • Interfacing: Automatic, secure and real-time data exchange including control alerts
  • Training: Coaching on the operation of the solution and transfer of skills
  • Development: Development via Cegid Studio, .Net, Php…
  • Reporting: Control of operational objectives by monitoring and optimizing KPIs via automated reports
  • Support: Assistance thanks to a centralized team within the company and dedicated 7/7 to carry out all your projects

Team expertise

Confirmed expertise for the benefit of your ambitious projects

We provide you with a highly skilled team that supports you in developing your digital projects from start to finish.

An in-depth analysis of the needs is offered to you in order to detect the appropriate solutions and the means necessary to concretize them.

The solutions we offer you are technological products that we design, implement and distribute within your companies.

Enter the era of digitalization and do not miss this promising shift.

Opportunities are within reach. Timsoft helps you take advantage of this “digital conversion”, beat the competition and be the game changer.

We support you in the launch of your global digitalization strategies and we advise you to gain digital maturity.

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