Cegid Connection 2022, an 11th edition to reconnect with face-to-face meetings in the most beautiful way   

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2022-06-13 18:00:00



As usual, Cegid organised the 11th edition of its unmissable “Cegid Connection” in Monaco on 13-14 June 2022, which brought together more than 490 participants from the retail world.  This is a key event for the French publisher, a pioneer in the retail sector, as well as for its customers and partners. The recovery from the two-year pandemic was long awaited. 

Timsoft, Cegid’s historical partner, was proudly one of the sponsors of this edition. It was an opportunity to both showcase its latest products and discover the trends in the Cegid ecosystem in particular and Retail in general.

Retail, set a new pace 

Operating in a fast-paced and ever-changing industry, retail professionals are always eager to update their knowledge and keep abreast of global trends. This is all the more important given that the concept of “customer centricity” has been gaining momentum in recent years. The theme “Retail, set a new pace” reflects this desire to align with new consumer habits. 

 In this sense, technological innovations are attracting increasing interest from retail professionals. And how? Retail and Tech are inseparable in the age of digitalization. Success now requires agility and adaptability. This not only helps to sell more but also better by integrating the new needs of customers and ensuring their comfort. One could even anticipate their future expectations and prepare the response.  

This major gathering of retail professionals featured two days of varied plenary sessions and rich learning experiences. Several subjects were put on the table: the new Cegid Retail Y2, Cegid Orli, omnichannel and logistics, retail intelligence, the customer experience off and online, payment to make the customer experience more fluid and many other themes with a strong impact on the future of the profession.  

It is clear that we are living in the era of the “new normal”, the “new retail”, the “new customer”. We could also call it the post-COVID era. This pandemic has turned everything upside down, forcing brands, particularly those in the retail sector, to rethink the role of shops, their in-store reception process and their purchasing path. The two priorities of the moment are omnichannelity and digital transformation. The famous “Retail: the new way” is more topical than ever, and this is likely to be the case for a long time.  

Concepts such as Web 3.0, Q-commerce, live shopping and ultra-personalisation will continue to turn the retail business upside down. 

Timsoft, proud sponsor of the 11th edition of “Cegid Connections  

Timsoft has always been present at Cegid Connections in the person of Mr. Tarek Trabelsi, Founder of Timsoft and Mr. Zyed Ben Noureddine, Business Development Manager. They are regulars and have 9 Cegid Connections to their credit (no less!). As a sponsor this year, Timsoft was there in force. The extended team was present. Mr. Carlos Navarro, CEO (3rd participation) and Ahmed Gharbi, Business Development Manager, Khalil Tarhouni Chief Growth & Marketing Officer, and Wajdi Oueld Falleh, Customer Engagement Manager. The latter three took part in their first “Connections”.  

Our strong team was present at the Partner Meeting and saw Timsoft, Gold Partner, recognised for its dedication to its retail customers. Timsoft’s stand in the Partner Village was the perfect place for Cegidians to discover the breadth of our services and the variety of our expertise in Retail, as well as to learn about the solutions we have developed around Cegid products.  

In fact, our team on site was not “idle” during these two days. They were able to participate in the various workshops organised by Cegid.  

We have collected for you the feedback of our representatives on the whole “Cegid Connections” event. Carlos said: “Cegid Connections 2022 was about retail, technology, trends etc…and above all about people. An opportunity to share, learn and collaborate with other like-minded players from around the world. With a range of diverse perspectives, a chance to step back and see the bigger picture, Cegid Connections was an environment of growth and human interaction! Let’s set a new pace for retail.  

Zyed, for his part, found that: “This edition was very interesting and qualitative both in terms of speakers and participants. The organisation was up to the task, as always”.  

Timsoft is a strong partner for Cegid retail 

Over the years, Timsoft has built up a wealth of experience in the retail sector. The competence of its talents is a major factor in this. Our experts are constantly being trained to keep up with the latest trends. We are talking about more than 60 Y2 experts who work in Europe and the Middle East.) A human base that allows us to deliver very large-scale projects.  

A capital of trust and expertise that has enabled Timsoft to diversify its activity and to intervene directly with the major luxury brands in parallel with Cegid integration and subcontracting. 

Timsoft has expanded its range of services. We now deliver new solutions and services thanks to our partnerships with giants such as Microsoft (on the Azure and Power Platform), Salesforce (on Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and Commerce Cloud).  

In short, this is what we retained from this edition of “Cegid Connections”. It was a successful re-launch of the physical events with all the added value created and the discussions started. 

This is further proof that face-to-face events are a real value creator for all retail professionals. This same feeling was shared by those present at the Timsoft & Friends or Retail Breakfast. 

Date et heure

2022-06-13 18:00:00