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What is an ERP?
ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a software package that allows you to manage all the operational processes of a company by integrating several management functions: order management solution, inventory management, payroll and accounting management solution, e-commerce management solution, B to B or B to C commerce management solution ... in one system. In other words, ERP is the "backbone" of a business.
What is SaaS?
Software as a Service (SaaS) is a software distribution model in which a third-party vendor hosts the applications and makes them available to its customers over the Internet.
How does Timsoft support me internationally?
To effectively support you in new, established or emerging markets, Timsoft relies on mature, localized solutions available in more than 25 languages, multi-tax and multi-currency. More than a management solutions publisher, Timsoft, through its international network, is an expert partner.
How to share my experience around the solutions?
Being part of a Timsoft user club is a great opportunity to participate in the evolution of your solution by sharing your feedback and your functional development wishes. It is also an opportunity to discuss your daily business issues with your peers and develop your professional network.
Are Timsoft solutions suitable for my needs?
Fully engaging alongside the customer, while retaining the necessary perspective for proper analysis, is part of Timsoft's corporate culture. Recruitment and training programs for consultants, project managers and pre-sales engineers are designed so that the solutions proposed by these experts bring their full potential to the client. In addition, each step of the pre-sales process is the subject of complete and structured documentation: recommendations, proposed intervention with its beneficial impacts, key steps, technical and human resources mobilized by Timsoft.
Saas: a good choice for my needs?
One of the major challenges of SaaS solutions over the past few years has been to move from a solution hosted locally on a physical server, to access to a cloud solution hosted remotely. However, the cloud solution will allow you to benefit from a number of advantages such as: 
  • Regular updates of the tool, deployed automatically as soon as they are available - no need to wait for a specialist to install the update locally
  • Lower costs of maintaining physical servers to move to a subscription system - all infrastructure costs and risks rest with the service provider
  • A reduction in the resource requirements to maintain the physical installation and therefore a reduction in human resources costs to maintain the IT infrastructure
  • A higher quality of service in terms of stability and security compared to a local solution, thanks to a lower risk of theft, breakage or failure, the data being hosted in highly secure data centers.
Saas: a good choice for my business?
The second concern comes from the adaptability of SaaS software to a particular activity. Since software is offered by service providers offering a generic product, these products could be too limited in relation to the specific needs of a market. However, adapting to your business means meeting your needs in more precise ways to achieve better results - in other words, it is a crucial component when choosing a software solution. In order to account for the flexibility of SaaS tools, a good indicator is the variety of industries that are equipped. The good news is that everyone is likely to gain by integrating such a solution, by identifying beforehand what are the needs they wish to meet. To take an example, Mike Heim, CIO at Whirlpool, notably measures a "30% reduction in team meetings" thanks to a SaaS solution, allowing you to optimize your internal processes. In addition to saving time, we can also mention the flexibility of a SaaS solution, based on three main categories of actions:
  • Help you in the decision-making process 
  • Allow you to centralize information 
  • Automate the processes related to your business.
Does Timsoft offer training?
The management solutions offered by Timsoft offers powerful functionalities. Timsoft's tailor-made training courses allow you to fully master these tools. The trainings also cover the best “business” practices, with the key to a return on investment and an increased performance for your company.

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