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What is an integrated ERP ?
An ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) or PGI (Integrated Management Software) is an information system that allows daily management and monitoring of all information and operational services of a company. It makes it possible to integrate various functionalities such as accounting and financial management, inventory management, HRM, etc.
Why choose a Cloud solution?
The cloud gives you real-time access to the IT resources you need, thus avoiding additional costs such as maintenance, the purchase of equipment or the use of an IT technician.
SaaS: a good choice for my needs ?
One of the major challenges of SaaS solutions has been over the last few years to move from a solution hosted locally on a physical server, to access to a cloud solution hosted remotely. However, the cloud solution will allow you to benefit from a number of advantages such as:

  • Regular tool updates, automatically deployed as soon as they are available — no more waiting for a specialist to come and install the update locally
  • Lower costs of maintaining physical servers to move to a subscription system — all infrastructure costs and risks rest with the service provider
  • A reduction in resource requirements to maintain the physical installation and therefore a reduction in human resource costs to maintain the IT infrastructure
  • A higher quality of service in terms of stability and security compared to a local solution, thanks to a lower risk of theft, breakage or breakdown, the data being hosted in highly secure data centers.
Criterion for choosing an adequate solution?
It all depends on the need, existing solutions, budget, etc.
Is the migration to Cloud a secure solution?
What is the difference between omnichannel and multichannel?
Multi-channel characterizes the experience of a customer who uses one or more channels to be in contact with the brand (store, mobile, tablet, chat, email, social networks, etc.). However, each channel remains independent of the others. The term omnichannel adds the notion of ubiquity: a customer can use several channels at the same time (use his mobile while he is in the shop…). Omnichannel induces consistency between the channels, which is all the stronger as the consumer experiences them simultaneously. Thus, beyond the interaction, we offer a unique customer experience.
Do you offer training?
We offer training around the solutions that we implement with our customers.
What are Timsoft's 3 support services?
3C: Customer Community care
3C store : formerly support store
3C Growth : formerly TMA
The “Third-Party Application Maintenance” is the partial or total outsourcing of a company’s applications. The service provider will thus be responsible for the outsourcing of its customers’ applications, in particular their availability and performance. He must also adjust the applications according to the needs of the company with which he has signed a TMA contract.
3C in house expert : long term assignment
What are Timsoft's services?

Deployment & Consulting

Our consultants specialized in the deployment of software solutions are at your service to advise and support you. Experts in their field of activity who will diagnose, research and propose solutions to ensure the success of your digital transformation project

Dedicated Support & Hotline

Timsoft has assembled a professional team of maintenance technicians to meet the needs of its most urgent customers. Our entire team is trained and qualified to intervene on time.

Customer Community Care (3C)

Data Management

Data Management refers to all the operations and technologies for accessing and managing data in a single place. This process maximizes the efficiency of data exploitation. Our global BI (Business Intelligence) solution | Management: Turns your data into strategic capital

  • Data connectivity : Data connection with other ERP, connection with other BI, connection with other data formats.
  • Data Transformation : Transform data by migrating from various to a single destination, OLAP Cube functions to assess key performance indicators.
  • Power Bi dashboard : dashboard for your indicators, scheduled update web version, row level security for each Manager.
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How much does an ERP or CRM implementation project cost me?
The price is determined following an analysis phase which takes into consideration: the solution(s) to be acquired, the mode (SaaS or On-premise), the scope and functional coverage, the number of users, the maintenance contract …etc
Why choose TimsoftGroup as a partner?
A pioneer in the digital transformation of companies since 2003, Timsoft provides you with a range of solutions adapted to your specific problems (retail, payroll and HR, finance and accounting, etc.). Beyond the expertise demonstrated in more than 1,200 completed projects, Timsoft offers local support both for pre-sales and operational implementation, training to optimize your mastery of software packages and a dedicated Hotline for respond to your issues.
What is the role of the integrator in SaaS projects?
SaaS, we talk a lot about its advantages and how this model has reinvented the IT world, but we talk very little about the role of integrators in the implementation of SaaS solutions. Before, in the On-premise era, the integrator had a crucial role in the analysis and configuration phases. This role is both functional and technical…. Today, in the era of SaaS, the integrator has fewer technical “responsibilities” but must ensure that the end customer uses the solution wisely and that he achieves and exceeds the expected success.

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