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Running a business is by definition complex. There are many players, various parameters and endless unforeseen events. Having accounting software is crucial to saving time on your accounting processes and optimising your budget management.

This software must allow you to reduce risks, improve your performance, keep track of your data and ensure one-click access.

There is a wide range of choices available to you. Timsoft also offers accounting software that is tailored to your business.

Unleash the power of your numbers

Designed to meet your demanding Finance and Accounting management needs, our tool offers several competitive advantages:

Improved productivity

Optimise your day-to-day performance management while speeding up your closures and the production of your financial information and indicators. Automate and secure your key processes, a source of efficiency.

Risk control

Be reassured that you will always comply with accounting, tax, banking and financial regulations. You will have the right tools to anticipate and control your risks and be proactive in your management. In times of turbulence, being able to control risks can “save” your company

Cash under control

Accelerate your collection operations and control your cash out. Forecasting is crucial for a perfect vision of your cash flow and a better control of your WCR.

Staying ahead of the game

The devastating impact of covid-19 still haunts people’s minds. Its impact on all departments of the company is recognised by all. The finance and accounting function is no exception to the rule.

The management models and procedures applied are worn out and outdated.

Choose a modular omnichannel platform that covers all your Customer, Sales, Inventory & Supply Chain business needs

Hold on! Are you an SME? Opt for Cegid XRP Flex

The most flexible, collaborative and cost-effective small business management solution on the market and this is the proof.

Get started with the solution that will change the way you manage your finances forever.

Cegid XRP Sprint Finance

Cegid XRP Sprint Finance offers you the opportunity to optimise your entire financial chain to boost your growth.

And what if you could manage your business at 360° with this tool?

Built around a package of modular and integrated services that can be deployed according to your needs, the solution offers a scalable, coherent and consistent information system. Your problems of time, content and quality of information are resolved thanks to relevant dashboards and reporting. This Business Intelligence, accessible on the move, facilitates your financial management and illuminates your decision-making.

Don’t miss out on the solution that will change the way you manage your finances forever. Choose Cegid XRP Sprint and your financial management problems will be a thing of the past.

Cegid XRP Flex

Cegid XRP Flex centralises and connects all the processes, applications and data sources you need to manage your business today and even tomorrow. Your growth potential is foreseen in the evolution of the software. An undeniable flexibility advantage!

More open

More than ever, collaboration between your teams and your ecosystem of clients and commercial, financial, legal and administrative partners is a pleasure and not a constant source of stress.

More economical

The good news is that Cegid XRP Flex can be accessed from anywhere at any time. No matter how many users are connected, there is no additional cost.

We put in your hands the “all-inclusive” solution for your accounting and finance management. Its functionalities are just too essential to ignore.

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Microsoft Business Central

A connected business management solution that makes your people work smarter. Now more than ever, your sales, service, finance and operations teams are able to realise your business vision with speed, agility and total synchronisation; all in the cloud for maximum security.

Everything you need to know about Microsoft Business Central

Expertise Timsoft

You may be like some of our clients who are intrigued by the adoption of advanced information technology. Or those whose digital transformation projects are struggling to be completed or have ended in disaster. There’s no need to panic, Timsoft is here to help. 

With twenty years of proven international experience, your partner for success Timsoft gives meaning to your digitalization projects and accompanies you in realizing your most ambitious expansion strategies.  

With our expertise in the services and trade sector, we are committed to delivering top quality technological assets in line with your major digital transformation projects.  Together, we will transform your plans on paper into real actions. 

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Business intelligence

In the age of data, moving forward in a vacuum and making guesswork decisions is no longer an option. To ensure the long-term viability of your business, you need to stay ahead of your competitors on a number of levels, such as identifying trends and detecting problems that need to be solved.  

Timsoft Group is an expert in analysing, modelling and visualising the most complex information from a variety of sources. You can judge our credibility by our many collaborations with key players in the service and trading industries. 

Data management is part of our DNA, let us deliver it to you. 

Unlock the potential of Business Intelligence 

Timsoft Impact !

Exploiter le cadre agile pour fournir un synopsis robuste pour les aperçus de haut niveau.

Cegid XRP Flex boosts the management of your SME and significantly impacts various aspects of your business, such as accounting and finance, sales, customer relations and even production.

Access a more fluid and secure management and benefit from optimisations at all levels. Cegid XRP Flex: your ticket to a more sustainable and flourishing business.


profit with optimised customer orders in all respects


increase in turnover thanks to innovative services such as "click and collect", e-reservation or "order in store


in logistical productivity with reduced delivery times and fast stock rotation

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