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ERP, SaaS, Cloud … to find your way around, here are the definitions of the most commonly used words

Regulation 2016/679, known as the General Data Protection Regulation, is a European Union regulation which constitutes the reference text in terms of the protection of personal data. It strengthens and unifies data protection for individuals within the European Union.
Business Intelligence 
Business Intelligence, more commonly known as BI, refers to business intelligence which allows users, most often executives or managers, to analyze their activity and draw conclusions in order to better manage it. Businesses have recognized the importance of data in their strategy. Analytics is now at the heart of the challenges of SMEs who need to study synthetic data and adapt the indicators to their current needs.
Asset management
The concept of fixed asset includes all durable goods held by a company over more than one financial year and which are not intended for resale. These assets represent investments made in order to develop the productive potential of the company.
Budget management
Budgetary management refers to the fact of planning, in the more or less long term, the income and expenditure forecast over a period. Budget management is based on three concepts: forecasting, budgeting and budget control. The first is to take into account certain historical data in order to implement an overall budget plan for the months or years to come. The second is to establish a relationship between the desired objectives and the means made available to accomplish them. Finally, the third is to set criteria to determine whether the objectives have been achieved or not. The latter concept consists mainly of comparing budgeted expenditure and income with actual expenditure and income.
HR dematerialization
The dematerialization of human resources (HR) documents is the transformation into computer files of material information supports (often paper documents) concerning the department in a (vertical) organization whose mission is to mobilize and develop staff to improve their performance. performance.
Software as a service, is a commercial operating model of software in which installed on remote servers rather than on the user's machine.
Cash management
Cash management makes it possible to manage liquidity in a company, whether it is in the cash register or in the bank. Optimal cash flow management involves evaluating the working capital required for the operating cycle, that is, the money available to cover current expenses.
Financial management software
In a simple way, financial management software makes it possible to manage all the fiduciary side of a company. It ranges from money flows - in and out - to profitability or taxation. In short, this type of software attacks the finance part of a company.

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