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Solutions to accelerate your performance in the age of unified commerce.

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Textile and clothing

Quality, timing, management: performance at the heart of the industry.

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From design to delivery, from supplier to customer, from headquarters to.
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Services & trading

Optimise your trade chain with our solutions.

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Revolutionise your business with SalesCloud

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Talent management

Dematerialisation, management, simplification: performance at the heart of HR.

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Finance & accounting

Optimise your financial chain to support your growth.

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Bring value to your customers by personalising communication and creating unique customer journeys

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Supply chain

Unleash your supply chain with WMS


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We create growth through relevance

Petit Bateau

The renowned French company PB has been established since 1893. Known for its quality knitted fabrics, it dresses children and adults with timeless items made of high quality fabrics.

Present on the Tunisian market since 2015 with its two boutiques and its e-commerce site created in 2016, Petit Bateau is a brand that wants to be premium and prestigious.

Since its launch, Petit Bateau has opted for Cegid retail thanks to Timosft group, an obvious choice based on two determining factors: omnichannelity and the customer loyalty programme! With the ambition to get closer to customers and to offer them a personalised service, Petit Bateau chose Cegid retail which allowed them to optimise their sales process and to manage their stock well, making the customer experience a real pleasure!

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