HR digitalization why integrate a payroll solution

July 05, 2022
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Digitalization has become indispensable everywhere! The problems of managing HR documentation and archiving hundreds or even thousands of pay sheets every year is the challenge for every company.   

Although it is not necessary to keep HR documents in paper format, it is important to comply with the standards and conditions of data protection.   

Digitalization is essential in this regard and pay notes are now sent to employees by e-mail. The dematerialization of the salary report is an important solution in the digitalization of Human Resources.  

Digital transformation at the core of HR   

The digitalization of many interactions and processes within the company has deeply changed the traditional mechanisms and actions that promote the functioning of companies. In order to attract new talent and select the top performers, human resources departments need to be able to respond to the needs of their stakeholders. Human resources departments have the difficult task of optimising the company’s image as much as possible. 

The main role of directors and HR managers is to ensure a positive dynamic within the company and to lead change effectively.   

HR and digitalization: The challenges of the payroll solution   

Save time: Digitalization of human resources saves time. When an employee requests information, you will find it more easily. In addition, data processing and salary calculations are carried out more quickly.   

Save paperwork electronically: The digital backup of documents within the company, which allows for better archiving management over time. It is electronic document management that optimises the organisation of files.   

Optimise process accuracy: Previously, there was a risk of paper loss. However, nowadays pay sheets are transmitted immediately and can be accessed wherever the employee is located. The compliance of the documents sent is guaranteed.   

Protecting the environment: The use of online payslips serves to minimise travel and eliminate the need for filing facilities. It is beneficial and helps to protect the general environment of human resource management.   


HR digitalization represents an opportunity to benefit from the touch of advanced technology in the field of personnel administration. Payroll software needs to be updated regularly to ensure data security, maintain a legal payroll framework and prevent the software from becoming outdated.    

In this case, you need an expert to do this. Timsoft’s experts are at your service if you want to take advantage of this HR digitalization, in order to help you optimize HR management and to increase your efficiency. 

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