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A new global context

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed the importance of the supply chain for businesses. Have you read the results of the survey conducted by McKinsey in October 2021? For the first time, corporate CEOs have identified supply chain turbulence as the biggest threat to the growth of their businesses and their countries’ economies. The supply chain has outpaced other factors such as the pandemic, labor shortages, geopolitical instability, war and national conflicts.

It’s clear that today’s global environment requires your business to successfully manage an increasingly complex supply chains while meeting ever-changing customer requirements and more stringent SLAs.

But not just that, in fact, here are some of the main supply chain challenges facing your organization:


  • Increased customer return rates
  • A need to hire and retain a skilled workforce and a need to adapt to seasonal fluctuations
  • Increasing complexity of the regulatory environment
  • Management and governance of change as business processes evolve

How to deal with these major challenges?

Quite simply, equip yourself with effective and approved solutions to succeed in this perilous task.
This is no longer a luxury. It even conditions the survival of the company.

Which solution to choose?

Körber’s comprehensive warehouse management solutions (WMS Körber) are your best ally.
Join more than 1,600 companies who have trusted our expertise in warehouse management for more than 15 years.
This explains our brand’s pride: a customer retention rate of 99%.

Take action and take your « supply chain » function to the next level.

With WMS Körber:


Optimize the efficiency of your organization in the face of competition that is always on the lookout for new developments.


Benefit from a portfolio of customizable WMS solutions according to your specific needs.


Constantly achieve increased productivity by up to 50%

Are your warehouses small or medium-sized?

Your warehouses are small and medium-sized? Our solutions give you access to the best features out of the box for immediate visibility into inventory, people and processes.

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