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Manufacturing industry solution

Discover Cegid Manufacturing, the ERP to manage your entire production chain


Manufacturing industry? Free yourself from IT and management constraints

The manufacturing industry is widely seen as a difficult and complex sector to manage. The most important factor for this industry is demand and flow management. To do this, it is necessary to keep a clear and real-time view of the needs of the market. Thus, manufacturers are faced with a great challenge: they must both anticipate the future workload and stock fluctuations, while controlling the production chain and the purchasing chain.

Increased growth

A rapid implementation of our ERP allows you to prospect and retain your customers, project your portfolio of opportunities, anticipate the workload to come, monitor production activities on a daily basis and facilitate international growth.

Cost containment

Accurately follow your production work-in-progress and calculate actual and standard cost prices using our ERP. Our solution also allows you to control your purchasing chain and have replenishment proposals until receipt of the goods.

Risk control

Our ERP allows you to anticipate stock fluctuations by calculating net needs and therefore, to avoid stockouts. It also makes it possible to control the quality at each entry into stock and at each stage of production, and to ensure the follow-up of non-conformities.
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Factory of the future

Manage your entire production chain and manage your activity in real time.

The Management Platform for the Manufacturing Industry is a management tool that helps companies manage and improve their ordering, contracting, inventory and trading activities. The digital platform provides users with a dynamic view of the current status of their orders and contracts, allowing them to instantly see how much they have produced, how much they need to produce and at what stage …

Users can thus make decisions concerning their activity, better manage their productions and improve their productivity, while keeping a permanent vision on production and stocks.

From the factory to the workshop via the back office, our 100% digital solution is the key to the success of your activity and the tool that will facilitate opening up to other markets, while retaining your loyalty. current customers.
Our solution meets the specific needs of your business, in all areas of the manufacturing industry.
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Our solutions to manage your activity in real time and increase your earnings locally or in SaaS

Official and exclusive partner of Cegid in Tunisia, Timsoft provides you with solutions to optimize the management of your production chain (closely follow the evolution of orders, anticipate incidents, control the machine park, etc.) which allows you to improve your performance and your services.

Our Cegid solutions not only allow you to better manage your requests but also to invest in a complete tool that will be your ally in the quest for development.

Master the costs
Control the risks
Foster increased growth
The major objective of any industrialist is to increase their turnover. There are not a thousand and one solutions to get there: increase your sales while reducing costs and controlling risks.

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