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No matter what your company size and what business it is in, everything is connected to the production process and all operations revolve around it. It is the core of any business.

Complexity, long processes, highly qualified staff and managers, manufacturers must keep an eye on all production flows, control production operations and anticipate unforeseen events.

The best way to mitigate all risks and unexpected events is to centralise all data and processes in a unified dashboard, clear and accessible in real time.


The manufacturing industry remains an important driver for all economies.
In the face of globalization, this sector is experiencing major structural changes. These changes affect the entire production chain in one way or another and impact and sometimes disrupt different elements such as:


  • Supply chain
  • Production flow
  • Logistics and stock management
  • Commercial management

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Standardize customer and prospect information and offers and quotes configuration optimization
Automatically set up production, planning and deal with the constraints encountered on the production floor
Analyse resource efficiency rates, raw material consumption and finished products traceability
Track the volume and value of work-in-process.
Generate purchase orders and subcontracting requests automatically
Optimise management with suppliers by consulting the product catalogue online, create your price or purchase requests automatically using your CAM software.
Control deviations from deadlines and the status of orders received
Automate warehouses’ management and trigger supplies automatically in order to anticipate shortages and supply the remote stock

Detect anomalies upstream of production in order toto limit the risk of non-conformity during production

Manage and ensure the traceability of all your company’s flows

Cegid PMI

The number one ally of professional manufacturers who have joined the digitalization race.

An innovative and intelligent turnkey solution with a wealth of functions that allows you to control all the components of your activity and the entire value chain.

It offers you a global visibility on your activity, allowing you to rigorously manage operational tasks. You will be able to focus on the specificities of your business while having a clear and sustainable strategic vision.

PMI is highly adaptable and can be aligned with the different sizes of companies, adapting to current challenges and possible market changes. Indeed, it can be easily integrated into the various production units, whether they are autonomous or assisted, Cegid PMI is a solution that can be implemented in a simple, fluid and rapid manner.

Invest today in a powerful and innovative tool that will free you from production constraints, so you will simply have to accompany your customers!

une solution qui s’implémente d’une manière simple, fluide et rapide.

Investissez dès aujourd’hui dans un outil puissant et innovant qui vous libèrera des contraintes de production, ainsi vous aurez tout simplement à accompagner avec vos clients !


We provide you with a range of innovative solutions in local or SaaS covering different industries (High-tech, Food, Automotive, Aeronautics etc….).

Our services are created and managed by a highly qualified team that will help you to control your activities and manage your entire production chain.

Timsoft effectively manages your supply chain and assists you in designing your strategic visions while taking into consideration all the latest technological advances in the market.

We translate global strategies into effective and easily implemented action plans.

En savoir plus

Business Intelligence

Timsoft Group’s extensive experience makes it possible to make information available, regardless of its complexity and diverse sources. To this end, we offer comprehensive information processing solutions that allow you to draw meaningful conclusions, so you can follow up and optimise your actions in time.

From data collection, storage, distribution/retrieval and exploitation, our experienced professionals ensure that the process runs smoothly to help you make decisions and exploit the full potential of business intelligence.

Business intelligence leads you to improved decision-making processes

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Data Management

We provide you with the expertise to structure, control and secure your data. Our teams are specialised and highly competent. Data processing is carried out with integrity, security and quality.

Our solutions are data management oriented and adapted to the size of your company and your business

Add value to your data, automate it & make the most of it.

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Your objective is to optimise your production processes, ensure traceability and detect production anomalies in order to minimise the risks of defective products

Timsoft Impact !

Leverage the agile framework to provide a robust synopsis for high-level overviews.


Cegid PMI is an investment that reinvents your business thanks to an innovative solution with advanced functionalities that allows you to free yourself from several constraints.

With a control of costs and risks, learn to follow your chains of purchase and production which guarantees you an increased growth and a projection towards innumerable opportunities.

With Cegid PMI you can focus on your business and your customers!


gain with customer orders optimised in all aspects


of turnover thanks to innovative services such as "click and collect", e-reservation or "order in store"


in logistical productivity with reduced delivery times and fast stock rotation

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