Customise your communication and manage your customer relationships with confidence.

Bring value to your customers by offering customized communication and creating unique “customer journeys”

Have you cleared your land?

Customers are becoming more and more demanding

The customer has become a consumer, well-informed and demanding, and must be approached differently, since he no longer passively consumes the offers proposed

The customer is currently faced with several channels, his park is quite vast, encompassing several “touch points” where he leaves his traces and data that must be intelligently exploited.

The customer demands trust in order to be able to operate on several digital channels and sometimes requires human intervention

The omnichannel nature of the customer journey is no longer an alternative and digital does not replace the physical, they complement each other

The customer demands communication that is adapted, personalised and specific to his or her context so that he or she can trust the brand


  • We are faced with a multiplicity of channels, many of which are digital
  • We are living in an era of increasing customer volatility; we need to contextualise the interactions delivered to them
  • Marketing decisions are made based on data provided by customers
  • Data must be exploited and reused in remarketing

Choose a modular omnichannel platform that covers all your Customer, Sales, Inventory & Supply Chain business needs

Sales, marketing and services

Des expériences consommateurs individualisées

Don’t miss a solution that will change the way you manage your marketing for good.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a SaaS-based CRM platform where it offers personalised consumer experiences.

It is a collection of data from different offline and online channels.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud enables the creation of digital experiences through automation and artificial intelligence.

It also allows you to understand the behaviours and attributes of each consumer and thus develop your business

Salesforce Marketing Cloud integrates customer journey management solutions with messaging, roaming, social networking, Web personalization, advertising, content management creation, and data analysis.

A comprehensive exploration of AI and automation that puts your customers at the centre of your attention

Timsoft DRX

An in-house developed solution that connects the different customer touch points.

A 100% proactive and customer-centric approach, offering a quality experience that nurtures their needs and aligns with their expectations.

Timsoft DRX, intervenes in several phases of the customer journey including the sales phase, it facilitates the obtaining of insights and customer histories and especially allows to engage with them and to identify the worth of each of them and to attract even more of them to increase sales and improve the brand image.

Timsoft DRX features:

• Manage leads and deals
• Generate detailed customer history reports
• Create customer loyalty programmes 

Benefits of Timsoft DRX:

• Increase profitability per customer
• Understand, anticipate and manage customer needs
• Facilitate access to information about customer needs

Data Management

Timsoft provides you with the expertise to integrate your solutions.

To ensure good governance of your IT ecosystem, you will need a specialised team.

The challenge is to make your different solutions communicate while ensuring the integrity and security of your environment.

Data interfacing is not for everyone as it involves several data models. It is therefore recommended to outsource this task to our experienced experts. It is a complex, meticulous process that we put at your disposal in order to enhance this precious asset that will enable you to make advanced interpretations.

Make your data speak, automate it &and make the most of it, check out our E-book for more information!

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Swieq is a tailor-made retail platform. A true all-in-one application, it allows you to achieve optimal omnichannel by deploying SMS campaigns and social networks as a new sales channel. By better engaging your customers, you can increase your revenues!

Swieq revolutionises your daily retail operations with

a simplified payment experience

Real-time interaction with your customers via social networks

Capture new leads and retain existing customers

Continuous improvement in the quality of your CRM data

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Expertise Timsoft

You may be like some of our clients who are intrigued by the adoption of advanced information technology. Or those whose digital transformation projects are struggling to be completed or have ended in disaster. There’s no need to panic, Timsoft is here to help.

With twenty years of proven international experience, your partner for success Timsoft gives meaning to your digitalization projects and accompanies you in realizing your most ambitious expansion strategies.

With our expertise in the services and trade sector, we are committed to delivering top quality technological assets in line with your major digital transformation projects.  Together, we will transform your plans on paper into real actions.

About Timsoft


In the age of data, moving forward in a vacuum and making guesswork decisions is no longer an option. To ensure the long-term viability of your business, you need to stay ahead of your competitors on several levels, such as identifying trends and detecting problems that need to be solved.

Timsoft Group is an expert in analysing, modelling and visualising the most complex information from a variety of sources. You can judge our credibility by our many collaborations with key players in the service and trading industries.

Data management is part of our DNA, let us deliver it to you.

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