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MES 4.0

From fiber to finished product

Gain Interactivity and Fluidity with MES 4.0

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    MES 4.0

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    Industry 4.0 for the textile industry .

    Everyone is talking about Industry 4.0 – for good reason: the complete digitalization of the process from the design phase to the finished product is the only way forward.

    Since our creation, we have specialized in the digitalization of business processes – Industry 4.0 has been our guiding principle for 17 years!

    That’s why, with the fully integrated ERP and MES solution, you will always be ahead of technical progress. At the moment, we are in the process of developing our first augmented reality application. Let us give you a glimpse of the future!

    Functional evolution plan

    Solutions tailored to you!

    Phase 1 – MES « As Is »
    • Management of Ofs, staking and monitoring of execution - Focus on the Textile industry
    • Cutting & quilting module
    • Balancing production lines
    • Packing and Invoicing (Way & Material)
    • Detailed planning or scheduling
    • Tracking by item (real time)
    • BI features for follow-up in the workshop
    • Reporting - Editions & Labels
    • Data interfacing & Web Services
    Phase 2 - Generalization
    • Adaptation of the product to other industrial contexts
    • Adaptation for use in "standalone" mode
    • Possible Integration with PMI
    Phase 3 – Mobile technology integration
    • Mobility
    • RFID
    • Industrial Sensors
    Phase 4 – Artificial intelligence
    • Predicting production time from history
    • Decision support (Balancing, resource allocation)

    Make your business more agile !

    Manage all of your activities, from collection creation to multichannel distribution. A natively fashionable ERP that combines speed of implementation and functional richness.
    Timsoft Group

    One Stop DIGITAL Shop !

    Team of ORLI and MES Expert Consultants having delivered dozens of ORLI / MES projects
    Sharp expertise on MES in various contexts of use (ready-to-wear, shoes, accessories)
    Delivery of MES in combination with ORLI or in standalone mode
    More than 10 years of development around CEGID solutions (CBS), in particular within the framework of MES projects
    Access to a vast talent pool of development on new technological standards (JEE, AngularJS, Web Services)
    Research partnerships with local engineering schools
    Our ORLI-MES consultants are experts in the textile trade, from the Tunisian textile manufacturing industry
    Experts in the deployment of CEGID Manufacturing solutions (PMI, CBM) with workshop monitoring included in these solutions
    Lean Manufacturing expertise
    Ability to support the needs of CEGID customers in the long term (CEGID partner for more than 17 years)
    Global delivery capacity for customers (deployments in 20+ countries in 2017)
    Ability to ensure support, development and adaptation to specific customer needs

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