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Timsoft Group is a leading player in the digital transformation of businesses, providing cloud services and business software to enterprises. Since 2003, Timsoft has expanded its operations with new offices in France and Morocco, allowing it to offer consulting services in over 30 countries.

Our partners

May the sales force be with you

Le partenariat Salesforce et Timsoft a vu le jour en 2021. Le succès des partenariats avec Cegid et Microsoft a constitué une garantie de taille pour le célèbre éditeur de logiciels, basé à San Francisco pour permettre à Timsoft de commercialiser ses logiciels de gestion basés sur le cloud notamment Sales Cloud, Services Cloud et Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

A renowned partner for efficient management

L’entreprise œuvre à faciliter la vie des entreprises en proposant une panoplie de solutions et applications qui servent à augmenter la productivité, favoriser la création de valeur, faciliter la communication et pouvoir stocker sur le cloud.

CEGID a trusted partner since 2005

Cegid propose une plateforme comptable basée sur le cloud (Créances, Inventaire, Bons de commande, Comptabilité, Paie)

Arion Technologies to boost your revenue

Arion Technologie a toujours été une entreprise innovante, offrant les dernières solutions technologiques

ServicesNow - Digital workflows for a modern world

ServiceNow’s innovative technologies are designed to help organisations streamline their operations and automate their workflows. With their solutions, companies can improve productivity, reduce operational costs and enhance the customer experience

We are proud to work with highly committed and professional partners who help us to satisfy our customers and to develop their business through various efficient tools.

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As an international software and consulting company, Timsoft has the flexibility and expertise to work with clients around the world.

Timsoft is a digital partner that enables you to develop, integrate and operate solutions for all your digital needs, a partner that is constantly striving for innovation, excellence and cost effectiveness.

We do not work for you, we work with you to meet your needs. The most important thing is to understand your expectations in order to offer you the right services. That is why we follow a process that allows us to discover your needs, which we interpret, compare and optimise for you.

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