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An innovative startup with strong business and technical expertise in the fields of Retail and Banking.

Arion is specialised in managing digital projects from the study and understanding of the need to the architecture and implementation of solutions using artificial intelligence technologies to offer customers unique experiences in and out of the shop.

Arion’s mission is to provide the necessary tools and support to retail players to successfully carry out their digital transformation and offer their customers a unique, consistent and fully personalised experience wherever they are.

With a young, dynamic and highly competent team and a remarkable technical know-how, Arion tech offers its clients the best alternatives to operate successfully in specific sectors such as retail mainly, banking and finance.

Arion is present on the market through its two solutions:

ConnectiK is the first API for interfacing Cegid with omnichannel B2C customer solutions. This Plug & Play solution, based on the web services of the Cegid Omnichannel module, will allow you to capture the full potential of your information system, without making any changes. Thanks to ConnectiK, you will be able to automate, in real time, the processing of your information and transactions on all your B2C customer solutions: e-commerce site, mobile applications, digital terminals, etc.

PredicktiK: Since 2015, Arion Technology has maintained a successful partnership with Timsoft Group, enabling it to offer the best solutions specifically for the retail industry.

Arion Technology has been a partner of Timsoft since its inception in 2018. The two companies have collaborated on several successful projects. Timsoft bringing its expertise in ERP implementation, Arion Technologie with its mastery of data management and BI.

Arion Technologie has always been an innovative company, offering the latest technological solutions.

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