CEGID a trusted partner since 2005

Cegid is Timsoft’s historical partner. The beginning of our collaboration dates back to 2005.

As a company driven by innovation, Cegid was one of the first to integrate the cloud into its management solutions. These solutions are known for helping entrepreneurs and professionals in the finance (ERP, treasury, tax), human resources (payroll, talent management), accounting and retail sectors to succeed in their projects and perform in their respective businesses.

What makes Cegid unique?

Perfect knowledge of the business, innovation at the heart of the activity,
Compliance with regulations and a strong sense of service by providing personalised support to customers

From the very wide and diversified range of products offered by Cegid, Timsoft is responsible for marketing mainly Cegid Retail, Cegid Orli , Cegid PMI , Cegid XRP Flex , Cegid XRP Sprint and Cegid HR Sprint.

The quality of the products and the mutual trust between the two companies suggest that there are still good things to come.

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