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Payroll and human resources solution

Accelerate the most complex administrative and payroll management processes with a 100% cloud-based collaborative platform


Are you a human-sized company?

A business is like a living organism, and like all other living organisms, it must survive and be able to continue to develop and prosper. For any business, having an HR (human resources) team with the right skills and tools is essential to ensure the long-term success of the business. Human Resources Management (HRM) is about the millions of dollars and hours it takes to organize a company’s most valuable asset: its people.

A simple and intuitive solution

Benefit from comprehensive software to manage all aspects of your business. A scalable and modular solution that adapts to your industry and supports your growth.

All essential features

Accounting, Payroll, Invoicing ... find all the essential features to manage your business and have a global vision of your activity. Our solution saves you in processing time and limits entry errors.

A solution available in Cloud mode

Benefit from an all-inclusive subscription to enjoy your applications with all the benefits of the cloud: mobility, enhanced security, regular updates, maintenance and assistance...
Factory of the future

Manage your entire production chain, including your sales and purchases, and manage your activity in real time

Most managers today have to make decisions quickly, with only a limited amount of information. This is why the ability to effectively manage human capital is essential for any manager to achieve their goals. To achieve this, it is essential to have a global vision of your activity and to have a means to manage everything: Accounting, Payroll, Invoicing, GRC …

Aware of the importance of human resources management in the management of any business, Timsoft offers you a digital solution that allows you to analyze all your HR data in record time

Official and exclusive partner of Cegid in Tunisia, Timsoft offers IS for better visibility of your resources in real time and to facilitate exchanges between the various stakeholders, in particular employees, managers and the HR department.

We offer you a complete ERP with all the functionalities necessary for your activity. Our solution is available in cloud mode which means you can view your data anytime and anywhere with the ability to save and manage everything from timesheets to employee performance.

Cegid HR Sprint: an integrated ERP adapted to all your activities

Timsoft offers you a powerful and useful tool adapted to the size of your business. An HR and Payroll solution designed to fit any size business and any aspect of HR. Our HR and payroll management tool is a complete, customizable and collaborative tool perfectly suited to the needs of your company, the essential function of which is to allow all companies to optimize their data processing time and to facilitate human resources management. which represents a significant gain.
Facilitate training management
Actively plan for the future
Efficiently explore your HR data and optimize your decision-making.
Facilitate payroll & activity management.

Boost your Human Resources Management & Gain Flexibility

Thanks to our solutions dedicated to payroll and human resources, you boost your management and ensure efficiency and time savings.

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