Power BI, the data viz solution that leads you to the better decisions

April 05, 2022
15 minute(s)

In the business world, data is a powerful asset. However, what really makes data count is the power you have to draw conclusions from it and exploit it. It is therefore necessary to have a powerful tool that allows you to have an overview of your different data and to analyse it well in order to turn it into the appropriate decision.    

In the era of digital technologies and increasing exchanges, data seems to be an important resource for companies that want to be agile and efficient. However, it can only be capitalised on after a myriad of operations that transform these raw, loose elements into concrete conclusions.     

It is thus necessary to have a powerful data management tool that allows you to have an overview of your various data and to analyse them well, in order to get a tailor-made response.   

This is exactly what the Power BI solution offers you. So, let’s take a closer look at its benefits and features!   

Power BI : A unified and scalable platform

Power BI is designed by Microsoft as “a business analytics service that provides insights for making quick, informed decisions. It is a Microsoft business intelligence tool used to build and aggregate charts and dashboards that allow you to create and share insights with the right level of information at the right time.    

It is a self-service data analysis platform designed to give users the ability to access and analyse their data in real time, allowing businesses to make better decisions and increase the effectiveness of their actions. Power BI also makes it possible to process and visualise data from any location, meeting a growing demand for general mobility and collaborative working.    

Dataviz is a whole practice that is part of data science. It focuses on methods that allow data to be summarised graphically.    

5 reasons why you should use Power BI

Power BI makes it easy to connect your data

Power BI makes it easy to aggregate your data to ensure accessibility and visibility of your reporting. The tool can support over 70 connectors and allow data to be uploaded from multiple cloud sources such as Azure, Dropbox, Google Analytics, OneDrive and Salesforce. Data can also be loaded from Excel spreadsheets, CSV files and data located on a website (from the SQL database).   

Power BI is a powerful tool 

Power BI is a powerful tool that allows users to create and share interactive reports and dashboards for a variety of purposes, such as understanding sales trends or exploring the profitability of a particular project. Users can share their reports with colleagues and managers, helping them to make meaningful use of a large amount of data and to visualise relevant information. 

Power BI has customised and open-source visuals

A wide range of standard visuals available in Power BI can be used in your reports (columns, rows, bars, matrices, pie charts, maps, waterfalls, tables, scatter plots, etc.). In fact, you can customise them according to your needs and if you want to present your data in a very particular way, you can also create your own visuals. Customised files are also available from Microsoft with a huge range of complex visuals such as bulleted charts, decision trees, sparkline charts…   

Power BI combines data governance and security

Power BI allows you to manage user access and security within the same interface. This means you don’t need any additional protection tools. The service also integrates Azure Active Directory (AAD) for user authentication, allowing you to leverage single sign-on (SSO), as well as your usual Power BI login credentials to access your data.   

Beyond the in-depth study of data, Power BI provides decision-makers and managers with information that allows them to make better decisions. It has become a leading business intelligence solution that supports all levels of the organisation, from the CEO to the most junior employee. Indeed, the combined power of data analytics and business intelligence (BI) is a must-have practice for companies looking to move forward and capitalise on the value of their data. 

In conclusion, the Power BI solution meets many corporate needs. Its ease of use, accessibility and combinability make it an unparalleled collaborative tool, essential for any company that seeks to take a step forward. However, advanced exploitation of Power BI will require the support of a data science consulting firm and a team of BI specialists who can integrate, sort and analyse all the necessary data. Timsoft Group, being a one stop shop specialising in digital transformation has this expertise, you can read our blog post to find out more about the importance of the digital one stop shop.