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Managing commercial activity is becoming increasingly complicated and time-consuming. The increasing number of parameters to be considered, the large amount of data, the increasingly fierce competition and the more than ever unpredictable future make commercial decision making a real headache. The room for error is limited and a wrong commercial decision can mean the death of your company. What to do? What solutions should you adopt?

Did you know that the website reports that the global customer relationship management (CRM) market is expected to grow from $63.91 billion in 2022 to $145.79 billion by 2029, at a CAGR of 12.5%.

Covid-19 has played a significant role in accelerating this trend.

The strategic and operational support you are looking for

Having a CRM for your sales teams is crucial to better control their sales pipeline.

It is a reliable way to keep an eye on the progress of team players based on up-to-date information. In addition, a good CRM helps to monitor the performance of products and campaigns launched and to make the necessary adjustments in time. Another advantage is that it saves time: relieved of some administrative tasks, your salespeople could spend more time understanding their customers and achieve more sales. You will probably agree with the result of our third edition of the SME trend report which cites lack of time as the main constraint of SME managers in France. The finding should be similar elsewhere.

As a Salesforce partner in Tunisia, Timsoft offers you a revolutionary tool from this giant: SalesCloud

6 Benefits of using SalesCloud

Looking for one last reassurance that you’ve made the right choice with SalesCloud? These benefits should not leave you indifferent.

SalesCloud for a cloud-based CRM solution. This avoids the problems associated with on-premises CRM applications, such as servers, software problems and upgrades that may require additional costs.
The solution is designed to integrate high-value applications. Don’t miss out on new business applications that are launched (including social networking features, for example) and then integrate them with your CRM system components.
There is a mobile version of SalesCloud because your salesmen need to have access to information even when they are on the move (accounts, contacts, opportunities…).
Your sales team need qualified leads. This is where the alignment of marketing and sales teams is interesting in order to offer marketing campaigns that perform. This feature is available in SalesCloud.
Data reporting and analysis is essential for all salespeople. SalesCloud presents your data in pre-formatted reports that are just a few clicks away. By dedicating time to review them, you’ll get the most out of them.
Like any successful CRM, SalesCloud allows you to connect with your customers and build relationships that grow stronger over time. Of course, stay on top of your customers’ evolutions and changes and adapt to them.

Choose a modular omnichannel platform that covers all your Customer, Sales, Inventory & Supply Chain business needs

Choose SalesCloud

Do you want to take a modern, 360° approach to manage your customer relationships and turn them into a competitive advantage? Our solution is at your disposal.

SalesCloud fonctionnalities

The solution has received worldwide recognition. Did you know that SalesCloud has once again been named the leader in Sales Force Automation (SFA) in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant report (awarded for the fourteenth year in a row)?

What is behind this masterpiece?

Salesforce Sales Cloud is a CRM platform designed to support your sales representatives and sales departments. Conceived as a customisable SaaS product, this tool brings together all your customer information in an integrated platform. In concrete terms, marketing, lead generation, sales, customer service and business analytics data are centralised and accessible at the click of a button. No more lost information, no more hours spent searching for a specific piece of data or compiling a report tracing sales history over several years.

It’ s easy to access via a browser and even a mobile application. Is it user friendly you ask? You should know that SalesCloud has a real-time social feed setup. It allows teams to collaborate by sharing information or asking questions to the user community.

Are you still wondering whether it’s time to invest in a high-performance CRM tool? Join our clients such as Michelin or Accord Hotels.


In-house developed solution that connects the different customer touch points.

A 100% proactive and customer-centric approach, offering a quality experience that nurtures their needs and aligns with their expectations.

Timsoft DRX, intervenes in several phases of the customer journey including the sales phase, it facilitates the obtaining of insights and customer histories and especially allows to engage with them and to identify the worth of each of them and to attract even more of them to increase sales and improve the brand image.

Timsoft DRX features:

  • Manage leads and deals
  • Generate detailed customer history reports
  • Create customer loyalty programmes

Benefits of Timsoft DRX:

  • Increase profitability per customer
  • Understand, anticipate and manage customer needs
  • Facilitate access to information about customer needs

Business intelligence

In the age of data, moving forward in a vacuum and making guesswork decisions is no longer an option. To ensure the long-term viability of your business, you need to stay ahead of your competitors on a number of levels, such as identifying trends and detecting problems that need to be solved.  

Timsoft Group is an expert in analysing, modelling and visualising the most complex information from a variety of sources. You can judge our credibility by our many collaborations with key players in the service and trading industries. 

Data management is part of our DNA, let us deliver it to you.  

Unlock the potential of Business Intelligence 

Expertise Timsoft

You may be like some of our clients who are intrigued by the adoption of advanced information technology. Or those whose digital transformation projects are struggling to be completed or have ended in disaster. There’s no need to panic, Timsoft is here to help. 

With twenty years of proven international experience, your partner for success Timsoft gives meaning to your digitalization projects and accompanies you in realizing your most ambitious expansion strategies.

With our expertise in the services and trade sector, we are committed to delivering top quality technological assets in line with your major digital transformation projects.  Together, we will transform your plans on paper into real actions. 

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