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Does an HRM need an HRIS?

The ultimate purpose of human resources is to ensure that the organisation has the people it needs to function well and that its people do their best to improve the performance of the business, while at the same time developing themselves.

On its own, this definition seems to be a multivariate equation.

Being able to juggle all these parameters and analyse them for informed decision making requires the acquisition of appropriate tools and solutions.

Recruiting and setting up a large and competent HRM team is no longer enough. Without equipping it with effective tools, its efforts will probably be undermined.

The most valuable asset of a company is its staff. As a manager, it is your role to ensure that everything is done to ensure optimal management of this resource.

This includes the need for an HRIS. It is an excellent way of standardising and structuring all your HR management processes. It is the ideal tool for centralising the numerous information managed by the human resources department.

This is where we come in, offering you tools that allow you to analyse all your HR data in real time.

Delight your employees

As an official and exclusive partner of Cegid in Tunisia, Timsoft provides you with information systems that give you better visibility of your human resources in real time. What better way to facilitate exchanges between the various stakeholders: your employees, managers and HR department.

In short, these are the three reasons that should encourage you to consider acquiring our solution.

A simple and intuitive solution

Benefit from a complete software to manage all aspects of your business. Treat yourself to a scalable and modular solution that can be customised to your business sector. Our IS is designed to support your growth. You won’t be forced to change tools once you reach higher levels of growth.


All essential functionality

This jewel includes all the essential functionalities (Accounting, Payroll, Invoicing, CRM) to easily manage your business and have a global view of your activity at any time. A solution that saves you processing time and limits data entry errors.

A solution available in Cloud mode

The all-inclusive subscription package gives you exclusive access to your applications with all the advantages of the cloud: mobility, enhanced security, regular updates, not to mention maintenance and support.
According to a global survey conducted between June and August 2021, the main security concern of European CISOs and CIOs is the cloud, cited by 70% of respondents. This would explain why spending on cloud security has risen from 66% to 72%.
Without further ado, we reveal below Timsoft’s response to this recurring business need.

Trends to the rescue

Driven by the digital revolution and the pandemic, HR has undergone a profound transformation. Traditional management models have shown their limits. Employees have new expectations that the company must take into account. For example, can you imagine that 57% of employees under the age of 35 would be willing to change employers if they offered a return to 100% face-to-face work?

By simplifying administrative formalities for your employees, you save time and productivity.

Cegid HR Sprint

It is an integrated ERP designed to fit the size of your company and all aspects of your HR activities.

With Cegid HR Sprint, everything is concentrated in one place. Nothing gets lost. Inter-team collaboration becomes significantly more fluid. No more hours wasted processing your data, preparing your dashboards for management meetings or managing the daily tasks of your HR department, such as payroll, holidays, training, etc. Focus on your core business and leave the rest to Cegid HR Sprint.

For more specific needs, feel free to explore our other solutions

Cegid Talent Soft

It’s our integrated talent management solution that allows you to unlock the potential of each of your employees. Simply consolidate all your data centrally and benefit from a simple response to your local needs in terms of training and digital learning, performance and skills management or talent acquisition and management.

Cegid Talent Soft is your ally in finding and retaining the best talent on the market.


Altays HRIS offers you a range of HR software to support your performance. It helps you to make informed decisions.

Imagine all the tasks you have to perform as an HR: recruitment, talent management and development, compensation (salary reviews), competency management and interview campaigns or succession planning and the facilitation of social relations.

Altays provides you with different modules for these activities. All you have to do is compose the HRIS that suits you at your own pace! The trust that Altays HRIS enjoys is undisputed. Here are a few figures that attest to this.
+ more than 500 customers
+ more than 1 million users
+ more than 20 years in the service of HR
50+ partners

The success of your business is closely linked to the efficient management of your human resources. Getting the right HRIS to do this is a key decision for your business. Don’t get it wrong!

Let Altays help you


You would agree that in order to successfully implement your digital projects, being accompanied by a competent team is a real opportunity. We offer you this chance. Our consultants will be happy to suggest the right solutions to adopt and the means to implement them, based on a preliminary analysis of your situation.

Don’t miss out on your digital transformation, it could be very detrimental to your business. Make the right choice and let us guide you.

Our approved agile methods are at your disposal in more than one way: Experts, Consultants, Specific Development and Support focused on the HR function.

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Micosoft PowerPlateforme/Leave Request

It is a user-friendly mobile and desktop application integrated with Teams and other Microsoft products to make your employees’ lives easier. Smooth and customer friendly, it allows your employees to manage and track their absence requests and view their remaining balances.

The request is instantly sent to the relevant manager, who can approve it in a few clicks. The employee automatically receives a feedback email.

Leave Request offers several advantages:

Saves processing time and paperwork.
Easy to use and quick to set up (Saas mode)
Sharing of leave balances
Traceability of each request and its validation

A detailed user manual and animated demonstration videos have been designed for easy discovery and use of all its features.

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ROI expected by adapting Cegid HR Sprint

The success of this solution with companies is justified by its easily perceptible benefits and ROI:

All companies using this tool can attest that it:

  • Is adapted to your business specificities
  • Offers a user-friendly and optimised experience
  • Saves time and boosts HR performance
  • Generates a reduction in administrative costs
  • Facilitates collaboration between HR, managers and employees
  • Reduces the carbon footprint: zero paper!


Risk of data loss


Increase in HR productivity

Months for a positive ROI

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