Lastes technolgies for the fashion industry

August 22, 2022
19 minute(s)

The future of retail is today and it’s now!  

We are living in the era of immediacy, friction lessness and the Boom of the customer experience strongly impacted by the Phygital and the practices of the E-com giants (Amazon and eBay) and those of social commerce such as Meta…   

Seducing the “new consumer” is no longer within reach, especially after the Covid period.  Indeed, new norms, codes and habits have been established.   

These changes are considered premature for some brands and retailers who are not predisposed to these changes but a boost for others who were just waiting for the realization!  

How is technology building the new foundations of the retail industry and how is it transforming it?  

Let’s see how innovation in this industry benefits the customer, the retailer and the whole value chain? 

3D Showroom & virtual shops 

What’s the point of the virtual shop?

The retail industry didn’t wonder about it for long, it just went for it.  

A real challenge for retail brands, the simple showcase site is no longer part of the overall digital ecosystem of these companies.  

Ambitious, they aspire to more proximity with their customers.   

Aware that the purchasing process has become mixed, these brands are moving towards more interactivity within the shop itself. The multimedia shop is THE new reference for modern commerce.  

It is also a new way of interacting with customers in a more engaging way. 

An immersive experience and a 360° perspective  

The impossibility of moving around the shop is no longer a constraint. Projecting oneself into the world of the shop is now possible and increasingly blurs the gap between the physical and the digital.  

An unprecedented immersive experience is more than a marketing concept, it increases emotions and encourages purchasing.  

Making a difference, innovating and engaging the customer are the new fundamentals of the BRAND-CLIENT relationship.  

There is a fine line between entertainment and consumption.  

Consuming differently has become the norm, the customer wants to indulge himself, try new things and live an experience with added value in his purchasing journey.  

Creating a real living space, designing a whole scenography, creating digital shelves are some of the techniques of immersive retail where the experience takes precedence over the purchase.   

All of this is supported by well thought-out content and a strong and attractive storytelling. With voice, videos and photos, the customer is guided through the purchasing process. 

Voice commerce / Voice shopping
Intelligent devices are invading our homes: Google Assistant, Alexa, Apple Homepod or Cortana (Microsoft)

40 billion dollars in 2022 is the value of the voice commerce market by 2022   

Personal assistants on smartphones, connected speakers, a market whose figures are growing in an exceptional way. 

4.5 billion in sales this year worldwide   

According to the OC&C study, in the United States, 83% of consumers who have had an experience with voice shopping say they are satisfied with the suggestions made by their assistant.  

The power of voice is undeniable, and it is gaining momentum in e-commerce, revolutionising the commerce revolution.   

Voice commerce combines several advantages such as speed, convenience, personalization and security.  

The explosion and growth of voice shopping    

By 2024, the number of digital voice assistants in use is expected to exceed 8.4 billion units 
By 2024, sales of smart speakers are expected to exceed $30 billion. 

The growing popularity of these intelligent assistants is due to:  

  • Easy interaction in natural language, significant adaptability   
  • Considerable time saving   
  • A more convenient and delineated purchase tunnel as opposed to visual merchant interfaces   

Live store, Cegid Retail solution

 Integrating this innovative solution into the brand’s digital ecosystem represents not only a step ahead of the competition but also a solution to several recurring problems, particularly during peak periods of activity, such as  

  •  Queue reduction and queue busting  
  •  Support for omnichannel scenarios: Click & Collect, e-booking  
  •  Loyalty & promotion  

The live store allows all the concerns of all the stakeholders to be reconciled, creating a serene atmosphere of trust between the customer and the salesperson.

Equip yourself with Cegid Retail Live Store to make in-store movements more fluid:  

  • Prepare baskets and put them on hold   
  • Pre-payment   

This is “queue-busting”, which makes it much easier to finalise the transaction once you are in front of the cashier.   


Equipping yourself with Cegid Retail Live Store makes it possible to overcome the problem of stock breakage:  

Due to the small size of the shops, shops find it difficult to stock products and risk a stockout in front of their loyal customers. How can this inconvenience be overcome?   

  • Order the missing item from the digital catalogue   
  • Have the items in question delivered to the shop or to the customer’s home so that you never miss a sale.  

Equipping yourself with Cegid Retail Live Store facilitates the work of the sales staff upstream with the head office.  

Always with the aim of exchanging information under the best possible conditions, particularly with the head office: 

  • Communicate with your team in the Microsoft Teams channel.   
  • Having the most reliable information at the right time  

Equip yourself with Cegid Retail Live Store to be close to your customers and to match their preferences:  

The challenge for sales staff is to “find” the customer, to understand him and to go towards his most exotic tastes by: 

  • Visualising the purchase history  
  • Offering a personalised message  

Despite the most surprising technological revolutions, digital interfaces remain cold to users.   

Human assistance, friendly exchanges and advice in person and with expressions can always change the game.  

Between convenience and striking sensory experiences in the brand’s real environment, the physical world has not said its last word 😉