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How to get through the digitisation process?
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The textile industry is a very sophisticated activity, and its management is complex. Mastering the industrial process is quite difficult if all elements are not well controlled.

Supplier management, model changes (fast fashion and its challenges) as well as environmental impact are the major issues for textile decision makers.

In order to make all the factors consistent, the textile industry must go one step further… digitalization.

Anticipate tomorrow’s requirements

  • Controlling the time spent on requirements analysis
  • Better management of supply chain data
  • Proper estimation of quantities to order or produce
  • Improved visibility of subcontractors’ activities (their material requirements, progress, delays…, etc.)
  • Supervision and control of stock rotation

Scale-up in innovation

  • Increasing prices for raw materials, energy, and transportation lead to cost increases of finished goods
  • Tough competition at national and international level
  • Massive penetration of the second- hand in the consumers’ new buying habits
  • Complexity of supply chains
  • A constantly changing economic environment
  • New consumer demands
  • The “Phygital” a new concept in full strength!
Embrace new, more agile, more accurate, from anywhere, at anytime sourcing by reducing setup and restocking time.

100% fashion in your shops and in your ERP


Does your business need a boost? Do you want to reinvent the fashion sector? The pace of the fashion sector is accelerating, and you want to adapt to the succession of new collections and the ” ultra-seasonal ” nature of the industry?

Between sourcing, production and sub-contracting, the management of your activity is becoming more complex. Managing production sites and their processes, multiple suppliers and coping with possible drifts is a difficult mission.


MES 4.0

MES 4.0, an innovative and integrated solution. Timsoft provides you with a customised solution that ensures the optimal functioning of the production line.

At the heart of the factory, it monitors all stages of production, from manufacturing orders from the ERP or your management system, to product shipment.

Adapted specifically to the textile industry, its advanced functionalities allow relevant analysis and optimisation of production management.
Gain in interactivity and fluidity with MES 4.0

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We provide you with a highly competent team that accompanies you in developing your digital projects from start to finish. We offer you an in-depth analysis of your needs in order to find the right solutions and the necessary means to make them a reality.

Timsoft, the guarantor of your digital success, enter the era of digitalization and do not miss this promising turn. The opportunities are at hand.

Our agile methods for better collaboration:

  • Experts
  • Consultants
  • Specific development
  • Support

You want to develop your digitalization projects and you lack strategic support?

Business intelligence

In the era of high-speed digitalisation, companies can no longer move forward in a vacuum or make tentative decisions. Approximate and vague are not attractive to decision-makers. You need to be ahead of the game in terms of identifying trends and spotting problems that need to be solved.

With proven experience, Timsoft Group provides customers with the capabilities to analyse, model and visualize information, regardless of its complexity and diverse sources.

Data management is part of Timsoft Group’’s DNA. Discover our services

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Data management

Timsoft provides you with the expertise to integrate your solutions.

To ensure good governance of your IT ecosystem, you will need a specialised team.

The challenge is to make your different solutions communicate while ensuring the integrity and security of your environment.

Data interfacing is not for everyone as it involves several data models. It is therefore recommended to outsource this task to our experienced experts. It is a complex, meticulous process that we put at your disposal in order to enhance this precious asset that will enable you to make advanced interpretations.

Make your data speak, automate it and make the most of it, check out our E-book for more information!

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Timsoft Expertise

A hub of expertise specialized in the most advanced technologies. With a business focus across a range of industries, we work hard to deliver high quality technology assets that are fully aligned with your major digital transformation projects.

Timsoft draws on 19 years of experience with a distinguished international scope. We make sense of your digitalization projects and work with you to implement your ambitious expansion strategies.

Timsoft, your partner for success!

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