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Why digitize your textile business?

The lack of a single management system that manages all processes pushes textile companies to maintain and oversee a large number of separate, often incompatible, systems. In response to this problem, the textile and clothing industry needs a powerful and efficient digital management platform.
The textile and clothing industries are traditionally complex, multifaceted and highly competitive. The constant changes of models, the high number of suppliers and the various variables to be taken into account are some of the challenges facing these companies.

Anticipation of needs and supplies

Are you working to have the right product, available in the right quantities, at the right time and for the right channel? Our solution allows you to refine your multichannel sales forecasts and to supply "just in time".

Maximum profitability of your collections

Our 100% fashion ERP gives you all the tools you need to simulate and manage your inventory allocation processes, as well as the shipping of your products. Thanks to our platform, you can now anticipate overstocks and breakages!

Better serve your wholesale customers

Are your B2B customers demanding? Our solution centralizes and facilitates your exchanges with your wholesale customers. From order taking to risk calculation, including the provision of a customer portal, we offer a complete solution.

ERP & CAPM for the textile and clothing industries

The context
  • A digital explosion
  • New purchasing behaviors
  • More demanding customers
  • The physical store must expand with the web
  • Distributors must adopt multi-channel communication
  • The shopping experience must be optimized to individualize and build customer loyalty
The solution
  • Manage the management of your activity
  • Anticipate the needs of your customers
  • Centralize your purchases
  • Make your collections profitable
  • Reduce your stocks
  • Served your wholesale customers
  • Optimize your negotiations.
What do you need? A management platform that adapts to the specifics of your business
In a world where everything has become computerized and connected, the digital transformation of companies has become obvious for the textile and clothing industry. To stand out, you must reinvent your profession. It all comes down to how efficiently you can run your business. This is why your industry must have effective, efficient management software adapted to your activity.
Timsoft: official and exclusive Cegid partner for your management solutions
From the factory to the workshop via the back office, our solutions allow you to take control of your operations, both in terms of production processes and the management of goods and people.
  • Fashion
  • Hosiery confection
  • Clothing and footwear
  • Weaving
  • Dyeing
  • Spinning
ERP and GPAO for your factory of the future
Timsoft offers you its digital solutions to give you an overview of your customers' needs, your distribution channels and your inventory of raw materials and finished products.
  • Anticipate your needs and your supplies
  • Building your collections step by step
  • Track and optimize your purchases
  • Make your collections profitable
  • Supervise your shipments on all channels
  • Simplify and make all scheduling decisions more reliable
  • Better serve your wholesale customers

Make your business more agile!

Manage all of your activities, from collection creation to multichannel distribution thanks to our ERP, natively fashionable and which combines speed of implementation and functional richness.

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