The importance of an integrated ERP in the textile industry

February 21, 2022
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An ERP is an efficient digital solution that provides a comprehensive set of modules, which can be configured to meet business’ needs. For the textile industry, such software can improve production by integrating the entire value chain. 

The evolving global supply chain, the digital revolution, the increased presence of the Internet in our daily lives and the maturity of new technologies have brought significant changes in the fashion and clothing industry. These developments have given birth to digital solutions such as ERP, which is software also geared to be used by various companies. 

Indeed, the textile industry has been strongly impacted by the wave of digitalization which has touched almost all fields. It’s no longer a secret that efficient textile production relies heavily on an integrated IT solution that delivers the operational information needed to revolutionize manufacturing and increase profits. 

Today we are talking about the industry of the future : IT solutions that improve productivity, control the profitability of an industrial unit and are integrated throughout the business process, from production to accounting, including supply, quality, inventories … 

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What is an integrated ERP used for ?

ERP is the acronym for “Enterprise Resource Planning“. This involves all the essential components of an organization: material, financial, human resources, etc. It ipowerful software that helps manage the business holistically. It therefore integrates inventory and sales management functions which are very important in the organization of your textile business. It also integrates support functions such as payroll or logistics. 

complete ERP solution includes the following: 

  • A complete architecture of modules 
  • A multi-user environment 
  • Full integration with external data sources
  • Intelligent selection of modules and their interconnection 
  • Interaction of modules in order to transparently improve the working environment, strengthen the financial position of the company and improve its competitiveness and ensure safety and standardization. 

This acronym has been the subject of much debate due to the common misconception that ERP is only for large companies. ERP has numerous benefits, even if you are a small business owner ! 

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Fashion and clothing, why set up an ERP ?

The integrated ERP is one of the most impactful software in commercial and industrial processes, which represents the heart of the activity of a specialist in fashion and clothing.  

Indeed, the functionalities of the integrated ERP allow industries to set up and correct according to the results: their commercial policy, their management of stocks and production, their management of purchases and sales, etc. This is a great tool that can help them manage their finances, increase their efficiency and improve their performance. 

In the textile and clothing industry, an ERP allows all company entities to work together and according to common standards, which improves productivity, reduces costs and minimizes risks. This is because automation through a centralized computer system allows to provide you with production information, which means keeping the production cycle flexible and operational. It also reduces inefficiencies in operating activity and helps optimize inventory. 

An ERP for the textile industry offers a solution to manage customer orders, plan delivery times, control invoicing costs, secure purchase and sale, organize your warehouse, control raw materials, manage suppliers and organize themselves at the level of the entire value chain (clothing, cutting process, dyeing process, etc.). 

ERP is therefore able to manage all your business processes and simplify many tasks for you. It is essential to benefit from an integrated ERP so that your IT system operates optimally and is consistent with your core business and specific internal needs. 

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6 Benefits of using an ERP

  • Track everything that happens in a single database. This makes it easier to update your customer records, print invoices, perform audits, determine the costs of a particular job or project. 
  • Effectively manage the information collected and therefore help industries organize their processes in order to save time, money and resources. 
  • Promote better management of items and stocks, and traceability of raw materials. 
  • Define all the manufacturing steps for a collection and enter the expected time per service or action. 
  • Respond to the most specific needs thanks to better management of variants (colors, sizes, etc.), options, cutting orders, cases, etc. 
  • Analyze the results for each production and establish a business report. 

The textile and clothing sector is a very competitive sector. To face this increased competition, it has become essential to integrate a digital solution that allows you to better manage the flows of your business. The best is to find a global solution bringing together all the constituents of your business. This is exactly what Timsoft offers you through its ERP & Manufacturing execution system solutions. 

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Why Choosing a Cloud ERP ?

Why Choosing a Cloud ERP ?

The benefits that Cloud ERP promises are continuously and simultaneously evolving with the new features offered by the Cloud, including agility, adaptability and flexibility. There is a category of tools that can console managers.

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