The importance of partnering with a Digital One-stop shop

July 29, 2021
12 minute(s)

In a world where digital is a major part of any business, it is necessary to be properly supported in all phases of your digital transformation project.

In a modernized world, the market has changed, and the offer is no longer only focused on offering products or services, but instead on providing an end-to-end solution that covers all the aspects required and leads to the realization of the project and the achievement its objectives. In this vein, the ideal scenario is to find an IT partner who will be able to understand your needs, manage your project, from the deployment to the post go-live and support phase, through all the stages, from A to Z, hence the concept of the “one-stop shop”.

Contracting with a one-stop shop partner for your IT projects is still the best solution.

What is the one-stop shop ?  

First appearing in the United States at the start of the 20th century, the one-stop shop in its most simple definition is a service provider that a client can consult for a set of services: advice, development, implementation and maintenance.

The logic of this concept is to provide clients with complete solutions, integrating all stages of the digital transformation project life cycle. The aim is therefore to create a direct link with current or potential customers, to enable them to carry out their project as effectively as possible. This method is based on the concept of a single contact for a single client. It is more than a concept; it is a strategic lever decision for companies that wish to better succeed in the digitalization of their processes and activities.

The added-value of the digital one-stop shop

One of the many advantages of the one-stop shop is to work with one main point of contact in a full-service company, thus providing global exposure. As a professional, it is worthwhile to find a single contact person who can carry out your digitalization project from A to Z. This option allows you to focus on your business rather than spending an inordinate amount of time looking for a new provider for each and every service and then managing them in tandem with each other. The time saved represents a real benefit for your company.

In addition, having all your stakeholders at the same hand with common vision and objectives is a genuine asset for you project. This allows you to carry out fundamental transformations which will obviously accelerate your growth. By having a team that masters all the tricks of the trade, you can respond in a timely manner and make the necessary changes to cope with market-driven changes.

A single point of contact also allows you to better evaluate the performance of your digital solution. This is the ultimate solution to have the bigger picture. This authentic partner has all the required skills to monitor your information system on a regular basis and to identify and correct failures in a record time. Indeed, the measure of a company’s success is its growth potential, agility and its efficiency, in an increasingly digital and turbulent environment. Therefore, you’ll not be slowed down by the challenges that may arise at any given time.

Timsoft to digitise and manage your IS projects

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