Timsoft Group and FeatureMind join forces in a new partnership announcement

June 30, 2023
25 minute(s)

Dubai, June 23, 2023 – Timsoft Group is pleased to announce its new strategic partnership with FeatureMind, a renowned digital consulting agency and service provider. This collaboration brings together the expertise and capabilities of both companies to deliver cutting-edge digital experiences and innovative solutions to retail clients worldwide. 

FeatureMind is a trusted name in the industry, known for its comprehensive range of services, including consulting, solution development, creative design, system integration, and technological expertise. With a team of over 60 certified experts, FeatureMind combines proven methodologies and in-depth technical knowledge to create exceptional digital experiences that engage and delight customers across various channels and devices. Through its commitment to innovation and seamless collaboration, FeatureMind has established itself as a trusted partner for Timsoft Group. 

This partnership marks a significant milestone for both companies. By leveraging FeatureMind’s extensive experience and best-in-class technologies, Timsoft Group will be able to provide its clients with holistic and agnostic expertise in products and implementation. This collaboration will enable Timsoft Group to tackle complex business problems and deliver innovative solutions that deliver measurable results for its retail customers. 

FeatureMind’s service offerings are designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses in the digital landscape. Their consulting services include business process reviews, implementation of industry best practices, and large-scale solution configuration. 

We are thrilled to join forces with Timsoft Group in this strategic partnership. By combining our expertise and resources, we can offer a complete and integrated retail solution that empowers businesses to thrive in today’s competitive landscape. This collaboration marks an important milestone for both companies as we strengthen our commitment to delivering exceptional value to our clients worldwide.

Edwin Stonestreet

CEO, Feature/Mind

This strategic partnership marks an important milestone in Timsoft’s journey, demonstrating its continued commitment to delivering innovative solutions and staying at the forefront of retail digital transformation. By combining the strengths of both organizations, customers can expect to benefit from innovative digital solutions, expert advice and exceptional service that meet their unique challenges and drive their business forward. 

Our partnership with FeatureMind aligns perfectly with our mission to provide comprehensive retail solutions to our customers. The expertise and innovation that FeatureMind brings to the table will greatly enhance our capabilities in delivering seamless retail experiences across various markets. We look forward to the mutual success this partnership will undoubtedly bring.

Ahmed Gharbi

Vice President of Growth and Development, Timsoft Group

About FeatureMind  

FeatureMind, a leading technology company, is at the forefront of transforming business experiences for companies worldwide. It offers consulting services in software development, mobile applications and tailored web applications. The company provides professional services in strategy, user experience, design, and engineering. 

For more information, visit the website: Feature/Mind (featuremind.com) 

About Timsoft Group 

Timsoft Group is a one-stop shop for digital transformation of businesses. The group has extensive experience in B2B software solutions as an ERP developer and integrator. Timsoft has over 500 professionals and has delivered over 1400 projects. Our 600 clients are primarily in retail and fashion, present in over 30 countries, mainly in Europe and the Middle East.   

Timsoft is a thriving IT ecosystem that establishes strong relationships with leading solution providers such as Microsoft, Salesforce, Cegid, and Korber. 

Timsoft, a Salesforce Consulting Partner

Timsoft, a Salesforce Consulting Partner

As any enterprise in a growth and development phase and aware of the importance of the innovation and diversification of its services, Timsoft has had its share of events in 2021. One of the major events of the past year, we concluded a partnership with Salesforce, a company that no longer needs to be introduced on the market.

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