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Cegid Cloud provides you with the full range of our business, regulatory and technological expertise to enable you to integrate the innovations that are useful to your business and guarantee the continuity of your activity.

Cegid Retail

Revamp your retail business with a reliable solution that delivers a unified shopping experience from web to store

  • Fast implementation of omnichannel services (Click & Collect, Ship from Store…)
  • Optimise the management of your shops and vendors and get the best out of them
  • Make sure you have a unique, reliable, and optimised stock
  • Be agile and make smart decisions
  • Give your customers an enhanced, worry-free experience
  • Join L’Oréal, Kusmi Tea, Beaumanoir Group who rely on Cegid Retail

Cegid Orli

Take advantage of a 100% fashion and “Made in France” ERP designed exclusively for the fashion and textile sector. Manage your sourcing, manufacturing, trading, and subcontracting activities perfectly.

  • Structure your collections and manage your supply chain
  • Control your subcontracting impeccably
  • Optimise your logistics
  • Have control over your entire B2B activity
  • Among Cegid Orli satisfied customers: Lacoste, Etam, Les Temps des Cerises and other international brands. Would you be next?

Cegid PMI

Control your business and manage your entire production chain locally or in SaaS.
Focus on your core work, everything else is managed by Cegid PMI.

  • Boost your growth through better customer acquisition and loyalty and good anticipation of future workloads.
  • Optimise your cost control through accurate monitoring of your production and restocking and exact calculation of real and standard costs.
  • Control your risks and avoid unpleasant surprises: stock fluctuations and shortages, non-conforming products, etc.
  • Our list of “happy customers” includes PGO, MAPAL and the Mairie de Paris. Would you like to join them?

Cegid XRP Flex

Don’t miss out on the most flexible, collaborative, and cost-effective small business management solution on the market.

  • Easily connect all the processes, applications and data sources required to run your business.
  • Streamline collaboration involving your teams, customers, and commercial, financial, legal and administrative partners.
  • Benefit from a tool that can be accessed from anywhere, at no extra cost.

Parmi nos clients satisfaits : AtooNext , Clevy, Expensiya, Jex


Cegid XRP Sprint

Take advantage of the cloud with a reliable solution that simplifies the complete management of your business

  • Access solutions tailored to your business sector: finance, manufacturing, sales.
  • Modernise your management and move to the cloud
  • Benefit from a management system that is always accessible

Brands such as GIS, Léa Nature and Ziegler trust Cegid XRP Sprint. Does this give you ideas?


Cegid HR Sprint

Simplify your SME’s payroll and personnel administration with a complete solution.

  • Increase your productivity with the integration of essential functionalities for automated and secure payroll processing.
  • Work with confidence in regulatory compliance: the latest legal updates are automatically available.
  • Gain security and flexibility by choosing the cloud: use data hosted in highly secure data centres within certified infrastructures. Your payroll and HR department will no longer have to manage IT constraints.
  • Genoyer group, Aquiland, Edenauto are benefiting from Cegid HR Sprint. Join them!


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