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Microsoft Power platform

A true revolution in terms of collaboration tools, Microsoft Power Platform is designed to empower all your collaborators. Through an intuitive, collaborative and extensible platform of “low code” tools, the creation of efficient and flexible solutions has never been easier. The agility you’ve always wanted is at your fingertips.

Microsoft Power platform

Here’s why it’s hard not to choose the Microsoft Power Platform

Connected tools

It is the most low-code platform to offer such ease of collaboration with Microsoft cloud services, countless business applications and other data sources using connectors.

Security and compliance

All Microsoft Power Platform tools are based on Azure. That’s why they all have the same level of security, certifications and administrative controls approved by companies worldwide.

Access to an infinite number of opportunities

With integrated connectivity to services such as GitHub and AI Builder, toggling between tools is easy. This allows your developers to create apps that cover a range of complex requirements to support your evolving needs.

Microsoft Business Central

If you are a small to medium business, Microsoft Business Central is designed to make your life easier.
With this cloud solution, your sales, service, finance and operations teams will be easily connected. This will contribute to increasing their performance and ability to deliver results.

Microsoft Business Central

The strength of Microsoft Business Central lies in three areas:

Operational flexibility

No more organisational silos, a solution that can be run and deployed quickly in the cloud or as a local integration.

Optimal performance

Easily customisable and scalable to support your growth without the technical hassle and expense.

Secure, actionable information

Can be used on any device, anywhere securely with automated encryption in Microsoft data centres.

Azure Backup & Disaster Recovery

This solution can quite simply save the life of your business. It allows you to back up your data and resume business after an unfortunate event.

Now, downtime, accidental deletion or data damage will no longer be a nightmare for your business. With this solution, implement an emergency recovery strategy and no longer suffer costly business interruptions.

Specifically, Azure offers a complete backup and recovery solution that is simple, secure, scalable and cost-effective. It can also be integrated with local data protection solutions.

Adopt Azure Backup & Recovery with confidence. Its performance is irrefutable


reduction in average data recovery time


Retour sur investissement sur 5 ans


reduction in end-user productivity loss due to data loss

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