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A unified commerce platform for your retail activities


Retailers: are you facing new challenges?

The proliferation of new technologies and the explosion of electronic commerce have strongly impacted customer behavior and their shopping experience. The consumer has become omnichannel and demanding. They may start an order on a mobile device and want to complete it on the spot by collecting the item at the store. He wants to be able to get information or order a product anywhere, with a fluid and coherent journey.

Unified commerce

Integrate new uses and omnichannel customer journeys to your business. Via web, mobile or store, offer your consumers a unified and personalized shopping experience.

Optimized stocks

Control all your stocks in real time to eliminate stockouts, to materialize potential sales and to ensure product availability, whether they are ordered via web or in stores.

Real-time KPIs

All of your business indicators are accessible in multi-device thanks to our platform. You are able to check the data related to your best sales, the effectiveness of your promotions, the out-of-stock products, the comparison by channel, the seller performance …

Accelerate your performance in the age of unified commerce

Your challenges
  • Develop a digital presence in symbiosis with the physical
  • Improve the Supply Chain and ensure flexibility of the logistics process
  • Foster a pleasant customer experience
  • Boost the points of sale
  • Ensured multi-channel communication
Your needs
  • Manage your store network
  • Manage your supply
  • Optimize the management of your team
  • Retain your customers
  • Minimize your costs
  • Have a unique and collaborative solution that centralizes all your data.
  • Monitor and analyze your results in real time
The solution? A unified commerce platform
The Unified Commerce Platform is a digital platform that connects your brands to your customers. It brings together all areas of retail on a single digital platform and a cloud. It's the answer to your needs and the solution that allows your brands to reach customers when and where they want to shop.
Cegid solutions: THE toolbox for managing your store
Official and exclusive partner of the Cegid solution in Tunisia, Timsoft offers you a platform that ensures efficient management of your business, increases your productivity and guarantees a convenient and secure payment gateway.
  • Centralized all information relating to customer relations
  • Exported data facilitating a transparent analysis of operations
  • Improve the logistical efficiency of your activity
  • Improve the logistical efficiency of your activity
Cegid Retail: technology serving all sectors
Intended for all luxury brands and retail activities, the Cegid Retail solution is the result of an agnostic approach and the convergence of a universal shopping cart that manages all retail activity.
  • Fashion & Accessories
  • Luxury
  • Beauty & Cosmetics
  • Sport & Equipment
  • Home & Decoration
  • DIY & Gardening
  • Jewelry & Watchmaking
  • Toys & Childcare
  • Specialized food
  • Department stores & GSS

Solutions adapted to «new retail»

With the advent of mobile commerce, the need for a retail solution that can connect a consumer to a product in an efficient and timely manner continues to grow. Timsoft helps you digitize your points of sale and transform retail codes.

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