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We assist you in providing a unified and personalised shopping
experience for you customers.

A unified commerce platform for your retail activities

The future of the Retail sector is taking shape around people. It is at the center of everything we do. Every aspect of our work revolves arround it. technological advances are influencing, behavior, demands, and tastes. The customer has never been so informed, knowledgeable, and aware.

Give your business full omnichannel capabilities

Re-humanising retail

Focus on the human aspect and create a symmetrical exchange between customers and brands
Create a trustworthy atmosphere with customers by humanising the relationship with them.

Reinventing the customer experience

Ensure that an effective and consistent omnichannel strategy is created, making it one of the best customer experiences
Offering the customer more than just products and services, but rather personalised experiences that engage their emotions

Differentiation through logistics

Implementing an agile supply chain and logistics strategy

2022 Retails Trends

  • New sources of growth for retailers
  • Welcome to Generation Z, whose desires and expectations are distinctive
  • Omnichannel is not new, but it is THE priority
  • Live shopping, live stores… immediacy is the order of the day
  • Business on social media platforms… no longer an option
  • Experience is much more important than product/service
  • Delivery, collection … the fast track or even the ultra-fast track

Accelerate your performance in the age of unified commerce

CEGID Retail

A unified commerce platform that provides brands with innovative solutions that allow them to identify the potential of their business, implement an omnichannel strategy and customizse the customer experience:

  • Luxury
  • Fashion & Accessories
  • Cosmetic & Beauty
  • Sport & Equipment
  • Wholesale distribution
  • Specialized commerce

Embrace new ways to sell, source and manage your business with the solution that delivers a unified shopping experience from web to shop.

Deployment & consulting

Step into the era of digitalization and don’t miss this promising turn with Timsoft, the key to your digital success.

We provide you with a highly qualified team that supports you in implementing your digital projects from start to finish. We give you an in-depth analysis of your needs in order to find the right solutions and the necessary means to make them a reality.

Our agile methods for better collaboration:

  • Experts
  • Consultants
  • Specific development
  • Support

You want to develop start your digitalization projects and you lack strategic support?

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Business intelligence

In the era of high-speed digitalization, companies can no longer move forward in a vacuum or make tentative decisions. Approximate and vague are not attractive to decision-makers. You need to be ahead of the game in terms of identifying trends and spotting problems that need to be solved.

With proven experience, Timsoft Group provides customers with the capabilities to analyse, model and visualize information, regardless of its complexity and diverse sources.

Data management is part of Timsoft Group’s DNA. Discover our services

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Data management

Timsoft provides you with the expertise to integrate your solutions.

To ensure good governance of your IT ecosystem, you will need a specialised team.

The challenge is to make your different solutions communicate while ensuring the integrity and security of your environment.

Data interfacing is not for everyone as it involves several data models. It is therefore recommended to outsource this task to our experienced experts. It is a complex, meticulous process that we put at your disposal in order to enhance this precious asset that will enable you to make advanced interpretations.

Make your data speak, automate it &and make the most of it, check out our E-book for more information!

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Go for a scalable omnichannel platform that covers all your Customer, Sales, Inventory & Supply Chain business needs

Case study

We create growth through relevancy

Petit Bateau

The renowned French company PB has been established since 1893. Known for its quality knitted fabrics, it dresses children and adults with timeless items made of high quality fabrics. 

Present on the Tunisian market since 2015 with its two boutiques and its e-commerce site created in 2016, Petit Bateau is a brand that wants to be premium and prestigious.  

Since its launch, Petit Bateau has opted for Cegid retail thanks to Timosft group, an obvious choice based on two determining factors: omnichannelity and the customer loyalty programme! With the ambition to get closer to customers and to offer them a personalised service, Petit Bateau chose Cegid retail which allowed them to optimise their sales process and to manage their stock well, making the customer experience a real pleasure! 


Leader on the French textile market, KIABI entered the Tunisian market in 2015. With 5 shops in the greater Tunis area, KIABI continues to expand its business. 

The obvious choice of Cegid Retail as a management solution led KIABI to Timosft group to equip itself with it. 

Timsoft offers not only the right tool in terms of performance and scalability, but also an impeccable quality of service and timely assistance. 

This is the challenge that KIABI has taken on with Timsoft group to deploy a unified omnichannel strategy! 


The Exist brand of ready-to-wear clothing for men was founded in 2005. With the aspiration to grow and the goal to grow, Exist joins forces with Timsoft group. 

With a promising local and international presence, the brand faces challenges as it develops and expands. 

Through the Cegid retail solution distributed exclusively by Timpoft, Exist has called on the group to support its strategic digitalization efforts. 

Major ambitious projects are being implemented with the help of Cegid Retail, making the daily lives of more than 100 employees easier. 

Timsoft Impact !

Leverage the agile framework to provide a robust synopsis for high-level overviews.


  • In line with international regulatory and tax requirements
  • Translated into 28 languages
  • An omnichannel and scalable platform that centralizes several client needs
  • Fast deployment
  • Easily harmonises with your company’s existing digital ecosystem
  • Always-on platform to ensure seamless business operations during peak seasons


profit with optimised customer orders in all respects


CA through innovative services such as click and collect, e reservation or in-store orders


In logistical productivity with faster delivery and stock turnover

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